4 advice on how to increase biceps in volume

Increase biceps in volume

Presenting your attention the management of 4 steps to building big biceps. The guide contains tips on how to increase biceps in volume.

Digression: Before you begin exercising, read the article ” The structure of the muscles of the hand ,” to better understand how your muscles work.

1. Change the load angle

Many people know that by varying the different exercises how to increase your biceps, you are able to diversify training and make them more effective. But it is important to understand that just by changing the exercises, you probably will not be able to influence them in some other way.

To load your biceps and increase their amount sufficient to change the angle of impact (within the movement), which changes the point of load.

Example: if you are used to do the classic ascent to the biceps, you can replace it with a curl on the top or bottom of the unit.

Here’s a quick lesson on the biomechanics to help you better understand the essence of this method increase biceps in volume:

When curls with free weights the angle at which you have reached the maximum muscle contraction, is 90 degrees (when your forearms are parallel to the floor).

In the case of the upper or lower unit maximum reduction will be achieved when the forearms are parallel to the cable best way to increase biceps.

Using a different distance and position of the cable you can work on different parts of your biceps.

2. Use a different grip the neck

Fundamentals of anatomy tell us that our biceps are included in the work, not only by bending at the elbows, but also in supination of the forearm. Based on this, we have found the best way to maximize the load on the biceps.

To do this, you must move the usual grip from the middle (the traditional way) to the side of the thumb, thereby changing the angle of the load. Using this strategy, you will be able to considerably increase the volume of the biceps.


3. 60/30

This is one of the exercises from the category of those who are able to simply “kill” your biceps. 30 seconds is performed, causing the blood pumped muscles and increase in volume and weight. Its effectiveness is surprising many athletes who see the exercise for the first time think that it is useless, but it is not.

increase biceps in volume

There are three ways to increase your biceps in the amount of: lift heavy weights, lift fast (dynamic force) and a lot of (recurring efforts). 30/60 Our method combines all three components: creating a high intensity and a lot of work.

Coach Tips:

1. Perform 60 reps in 30 seconds. 2-4 approach with 1-2 minutes of rest.

2 . If you can not complete all 60 reps in a certain period of time (30 seconds), use a smaller weight.

4. Method 28

Most athletes are already familiar with the classic method of increasing the volume of the biceps in the system 21, which popularized bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. Almost every young athlete used increase biceps in volume to achieve increase muscle biceps.

We have developed a new method – 28, which is based workout program for weight on the method of 21. The main purpose of the method: creating more time your muscle tension

If you do not know the method 21 according to the following principle:

1. You perform 7 reps with a partial range. From the full extension of the hands up to the point when the forearms are parallel to the floor.

2. Then, 7 partial reps from the middle to complete the full range of motion. Finally, you end up with 7 more repetitions, using the full range of motion. For a total of 21 repeat.

execution of the method 28 Technique

Make exercise can be sitting, standing or on the bench Scott (using either a barbell or a dumbbell or EZ-neck), with no rest between reps:

1. Perform partial reps 7 in a partial range of motion until the middle of the amplitude

2. Perform 7 reps full range, stopping in the middle of the range for 7 seconds.

3. 7 reps from the middle to the amplitude of the completion

4. 7 repetitions full amplitude without delay in the middle.

Using these 4 methods increase biceps in volume, you can vary the workout that will provide good strain on your arm muscles. Thus, you will achieve the increase in volume of the biceps.

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