Anatomy and structure of the human leg muscles

human leg muscles

Today we will talk with you about muscles of the legs, how they work, what muscles and movements under any strain, as well as look at the exercises that will help you to swing legs. Also, you will read a log of the previous article about the anatomy of the chest muscles of the legs.


Anatomy and structure of the human leg

Ironically, about the legs at the gym to forget almost everything. There shake hands, chest, back and abdominal muscles, but it comes up and down occasionally.

Perhaps because they are least likely to come in sight of the strong half of mankind. Women deal with these things a little better, all the same foot – one of their main trump card in appearance. But, nevertheless, and so, and others should learn the anatomy of their feet.

So, consider, from which groups are our limbs:

  • The muscles of the lower leg.
  • The front surface of the thigh.
  • Hamstring.
  • Muscles of the buttocks.


In each of these groups already share certain muscles. Now let’s talk about them.

More details about the structure of the feet and features of their training

By the buttocks muscles include large, medium and small gluteal muscles of the leg. The gluteus maximus is responsible for the shape of your priests aromadex, medium and small muscles are under a big effect on the smartness of this part of the body.

The nicest and most productive exercises for these muscles are considered to be squats , lunges , pelvic lifts lying on his back. All these exercises can (and should) do with the weighting, in some cases, gradually increasing the weight.

To muscles Femur include hamstrings, semimembranosus and semitendinosus muscles.

Exercise for these muscles is best done in the early to work them out better, t. To. They always are overlooked. The work on them will help you to exercises such as deadlifts, lifts the body with fixed legs, lying leg curls with weighting.

Digression: looking for the best exercise for the inner thigh leg muscles workout – squats plié !


Group front of the thigh muscles is presented primarily quadriceps. It covers almost the majority of the front thigh and includes: lateral, medial, intermediate and direct muscle.

Apart from him in this group have a comb, resulting in a long, thin muscles and tailoring.

Popular exercise for this group of muscles are squats on his chest Buy cheap anabolic steroids, leg press by himself and bending the muscles of the legs, sitting with weighting.

Calf muscles include the gastrocnemius, soleus, plantar and the tibialis anterior muscles, wide grip pull ups. Gastrocnemius and soleus muscles are located below each other and are the major muscles forming relief tibia.

This is the legkokachayuschayasya muscle group. Calf muscles fast swing, easy to exercise, but also tire quickly building leg muscles.

It is necessary to take this into account. Exercise of these muscles are simple – ups on your toes with a worsening of sitting and standing how to lose weight will help you pump up the calf.

That’s all you need to know about the anatomy and structure of the leg muscles. Now you can safely go to the gym and pump precisely those muscles that you want. In conclusion, I would also advise you to read the article, ” Anatomy of a muscle man’s hand.”

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