As a girl at home to pump up the muscles of the back

pump up the muscles of the back

Have you ever indulged wear a beautiful dress with a cut back girl on the back due to the fact that it is precisely this part of the body you are not satisfied? Or maybe you’ve noticed a habit of slouching? Exercises for back muscles at home.

Any of these signs indicates that you have time to pay attention to your back, and more specifically on the muscles, so in today’s article we will talk about how to pump up the girl back home.


Why is it important to swing the girl back muscles

In the modern world hard to keep track of everything exercises for back muscles at home. So many girls and women do not have time to monitor their posture. If you have a child does not learn to keep your back perfectly straight and have not developed the muscular corset, you can not boast of a beautiful posture.

But straight back, long beautiful neck and chin held high – it is the inherent attributes of the ideal image of women for every man. Never too late to correct your posture.

This will strengthen the muscles of the back and neck, which will tell you thank you very much in the future. The fact that the back muscles are involved in almost exercises for the calf muscles for girls any of our movement, whether squatting or just walking, not to mention the ascents anything.

So if you have weak back muscles, then sooner or later they are transferred from the heavy bags or a long walk, and overloaded muscles ache. In women, back pain – a phenomenon much more common than in men. Agree, not a pleasant feeling. Besides well-designed visual back waist decreases, and restores the correct proportions between the upper and lower body.

Simply put, if you have hips and buttocks over his chest back girl and shoulders , which is very often, then pumped back will make your body much more proportional and attractive. We will tell you about these exercises that will help to ease any girl to pump back home. After all, not everyone has free time, which you will agree to spend at the gym.

The best exercises for back muscles at the gym

Traction T vulture in the slopeLink unit sittingLink rod in the slopeDeadlift rodTie rods with one hand

Link unit sitting
Traction T vulture in the slope
Tie rods with one hand
Thrust rod in the slope

The best exercises for back muscles at home

The main thing in women’s training back – do not overdo it. Repeat all the exercises worth 15-20 times and finish each of them a small stretch exercises at home for upper back muscles. This will allow you not to pump back to the drawing of the muscles, but will tighten the muscle corset and will tone the muscles of the back.

1. Thus, in order to pump up the beautiful girl back home to start with stretching, t. To. It is necessary to repeat more often. Exercise helps to improve posture. From the position of lying on his stomach, lift the trunk with his hands and pull up and back slightly.


If it is given to you easily, you can bend your knees and back girl try to reach them to head thrown back.

2. The next exercise is also performed while lying on his stomach. Get your hands behind your head. Lift your upper body as high as possible, and try not to take your feet off the floor. First, you are unlikely to succeed, so you can ask someone to hold it or simply slip under the feet of the sofa, for example. Perform 10 times for 3 sets


3. Another exercise on posture is done sitting on the floor. Cross your legs and hands behind his back and rewound connect to the castle. Hands at the same time should be straight. Rotate the torso to the left and to the right. So 3 sets of 25 times.

4. To strengthen the back to do the corresponding back girl exercises. For one of them you will need to increase in weight. Take on the dumbbell in your hand. Starting position – stand up straight. Lean forward as low as possible to create an angle of 90% and straightened. So repeat 10-15 times for 3 sets.


5. Another useful exercise. Tilt your body forward, trying to create an angle of 90 degrees. Legs keep pryamymymi arms in the initial position are lowered. Raise your arms to the side or back, stay, lower. 3 sets of 12 times


That’s all! Agree, very light and easy, but also a few exercises. But thanks to them you will get a nice flat back, long neck, will be able to open the shoulders and feel free to wear open dresses. And at the end of the article you can see a video of these exercises.



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