As the girl hand pump at home

The beautiful, toned body will always attract attention. On the slim people look nice. Moreover, this body says about human health girl hand pump at home. It has long been believed that a healthy person should be strong and well-proportioned.

But, unfortunately, in our century, with all the technology and the tendency to minimize the movement is difficult to keep track of your body.

It is much more comfortable to sit in a chair and think that you do not need. But this is not the case. Anyone who wants to look and, more importantly, feel good, have to monitor their physical form. 

girl hand pump at home

This is especially important for girls. After all, who but they always want to be attractive and beautiful. Women watch her figure should pump up the press become a habit. Men have always attracted and will attract a healthy shape.

Today we will tell you how to pump up your hands girl at home. Why hand, you may ask. Firstly, because human hands have to be strong. Secondly, it is such a part of the body, which is difficult to hide, especially in the warmer months.

They are not vtyaneshsya as the stomach , and not napryazhesh muscles if they are not there. Besides women process forming muscles in the arms and their inflation it is much faster and easier than in men.

All are described in this paper exercises can be performed at home. We picked them specifically, because if you go to the gym, there is sure to be a coach who will tell you the dates of the exercises in the gym. And here at home and give none.

It will be built at home workout

So, first you need to take to train a certain time. 30-40 minutes 3 times a week and you’ll be proud to wear clothes without sleeves, how to make a hand pump at home. Yet in order to pump up the muscles of the arms, you can buy a pair of hand weights no more than 2 kg each. This weight does not will pump your arms, and it will give them a nice shape and topography.

If the dumbbells you do not want to spend money, you can just find them an alternative weighting at home, for example, a pair of water bottles. The main thing is that you feel comfortable to hold them in their hands.

Before performing necessary to slightly warm up exercises for the hands themselves. Poprisedayte , stretch out.

The best exercises for the arm muscles

So how do you girl hand pump at home? Below are exercises that will help you achieve the desired result. Also at the end of the post you will find a video, which will help improve the performance of the technique.

1. Bending the elbows

Take on the dumbbell in your hand. Stand erect, feet shoulder width apart. Keep your hands straight, expanding wrist outward. Begin to raise their hands in turn. Make sure that the elbow did not go forward or backward, and remained at the same level. Exercise can be performed on each hand separately, and alternating each time.

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pump up your hands girl

2. Push-ups

Of course, a beginner is unlikely to be wrung even 5-10 times correctly. Therefore, we offer you to start with push-ups on his knees. This is much easier than a simple push-ups, but no less useful for hands.


3. Reverse push-ups

One of the most affordable home exercises that can be performed without dumbbells – reverse push-ups.

To do this you need only a chair girl hand pump at home, or a hard bed, or even any solid surface at the level of the knees. Become so that the surface on which you rely girl hand pump at home, was behind you.

Departing from the topic, I would recommend to read an article about how to increase biceps .

reverse push-ups

Sit down and lean on her hands. Watch your posture, you can not slouch. Press the surface before until a right angle between the tibia and the femur. Again, sit down.

In addition to these exercises you can do pull-ups on the bar, but it can be done only in advanced sports girl plan. If you are able to catch up, then you should learn how to do it right.

All these exercises should be performed 15-25 times in 3-4 sets girl hand pump at home. Breaks between sets should be kept small (60-90 seconds).

Following our instructions, in a few weeks you will notice the result. Of course, provided that your hands were not just muscular. If this part of the body you have full, you must first lose weight, why these exercises are also suitable. But in this case they need to perform longer.

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