Barbell Military Press: Standing, Sitting, Equipment and Error

Barbell military press

Today, we will tell you about some basic exercises like the barbell military press rod. From the title itself, it is clear that it has come to us from the army, or rather, from the US Army. So, what thrust vertical block muscles are working in this type of bench press barbell?


When it comes to the physical training of soldiers, this exercise is often used as the main way to exercise the following muscles:

  1. Deltoids (shoulders)
  2. Upper chest muscles
  3. Triceps

Here are the main group of trained muscles.

This exercise can be done in several ways. It can be done in a seated barbell military press or standing barbell military press. For example, in standing position, sitting position, in the Smith machine, a barbell using weights, as well as the chest and because of over the head (his head). But in all these cases, there is almost an identical equipment, which we will discuss below.

Seated barbell military press and standing barbell military press are both good for your body and both good to add in your workout routine. However, when it comes to achieving more muscles throughout your whole body, then the standing barbell military press will be a good one because it requires your whole body to work including your shoulders, glutes, and core. If you are focusing on building your upper part of your body, the seated barbell barbell military press might be for you.


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The technique of Performing Bench Press Barbell Army Standing or Sitting

Before the start of the barbell military press army benching, and training in general, it is necessary to warm up the muscles. For this particular exercise massage first your shoulders, then proceed in the execution proper.

  1. The grip should be wider than shoulder-width.
  2. The starting position should be like this:

Feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider bent at the knees.

Grip at the shoulders, arms bent at the elbows.

  1. Now slowly lift and grip over the head and secure.
  2. Slowly return the neck to the chest level.

Note: The rod must not touch the chest! Repeat press the right amount of time.

Performing the barbell military press might be a little difficult. But if you are a starter, always start in a simple way. Start with lower reps and do not overdo yourself by putting too much weight than your strength-weight capacity. You can still advance and do more reps later on. Start simple then gradually advance until you achieve your desired result.

To avoid errors when performing, whether sitting or standing, be sure to pay attention to the photo and video at the end.

As you can see standing military barbell press technique of army benching is very simple. But do not underestimate all the nuances, because of which it is easy to make a mistake in the exercise. The basic errors that you may encounter are described below.


Basic Errors                   

  1. One of the most common mistakes in almost every exercise is having no warm-up. Do not neglect it! Warming up your muscles, joints, and tendons, are essential before doing an exercise because you are helping yourself to reduce the risk of any kind of injury.
  2. At the top of the exercise, when you raise the barbell military press your neck, the shell should be directly over your head. Take care that it does not lean back or forward.
  3. Do not bend or arch. With too much weight, it can occur misplacement to your body that will bring the whole exercise to nothing.
  4. All movements should be smooth and slow. Do not dispose of the shell. Do not make a sharp rise.
  5. All press rod standing or sitting should be provided exactly the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Do not help yourself the other muscles of the body.

standing military press

Tips and Tricks

There are some features, knowing that you will be able to use the exercise with the greatest possible benefit for yourself through the barbell military shoulder press.

  1. If you take too much weight, then put your feet in a not single line, and push forward a little bit. This will give you greater stability during the exercise.
  2. Lift the neck, then exhale. Breathing can significantly ease the task.
  3. The shoes that you will be using during the exercise should be firm enough or a rigid sole, so as not to be shaken.
  4. Do not stop at the top for more than 3 seconds. So you overexert less and be able to raise more times.
  5. You should grip the barbell as hard you can. Your wrists should bend in actual amount, not exceeding at 90-degree angle, to prevent hurting your wrists. The recommended grip in doing the barbell military press is the gull grip. It is the safest way, especially for beginners.

That’s all you need to know about the army bench or barbell bench press standing. Train your health!

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10 thoughts on “Barbell Military Press: Standing, Sitting, Equipment and Error

  1. What is much better when it comes to barbell military press? Standing or sitting?

  2. Performing the standing barbell military press will require more stability and neuromuscular activity which will benefits your muscles rather than sitting barbell military press.

  3. Is this good for my shoulders?

  4. The barbell military press exercise will definitely help your shoulders in terms of muscles, joints and tendons but if you put too much weights to your barbell, or have poor shoulder mobility, you might end up hurting yourself. It could tear a shoulder muscles. Know your fitness level and capacity.

  5. Will I have big and muscular shoulders if I add this to my workout routine?

  6. The barbell military press exercise is one of the best and the most basic exercises that you can do, especially for your shoulders. If you gradually increase the number of weights, there’s a big chance for you to have big shoulders.

  7. How much weight is better for the beginners?

  8. For beginners, the weight of the barbell should be 25% of your body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds, you can start with about 35 to 40 pounds.

  9. Is it hard to execute?

  10. It is a little bit difficult to start but if you understand the proper way of doing this exercise, then you might notice that you can do it without nuances.

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