Bench press narrow grip barbell or dumbbells

Bench press narrow grip barbell

Narrow grip bench press – one of the most effective exercises for the development of the triceps with free weights.

However, before you begin to read the article further, we recommend reading the article, ” Anatomy of a muscle man’s hand .”

Let’s talk about bench press close grip; what muscles does it work and what are the reminders before doing this workout. This exercise acts simultaneously on all the three heads of the triceps. In short, the target muscle of this workout is the strengthening and development of the triceps for it lays the main load during exercise.


What is the benefit of a narrow grip bench press

Results lie in the proper selection of the number of repetitions and the right weight that can fully develop the maximum strength of the engaged muscles.

To properly perform a bench press close grip, a video at the end of this article will help you understand the exercise better than purely theoretical training. It is also important to know the theory’s first steroid cycle, too to avoid technical errors in execution.

Digression: if you’re a girl and you want to have beautiful breasts and taut, be sure to check the table push-ups for girls.

The weight to be used should correspond to the level of training. The right weight will connect the muscles to this type of training, if not so, it will become less effective. In addition, if the weight is large, the executioner needs a partner.

Performance technique

Lying narrow grip bench press, which will be described below, is a popular exercise when it comes to triceps and chest development. The hands being placed together emphasize the triceps that are mostly use for arms training.

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For a starting position, hands should be placed with the shoulder width; get the bar off the rack, keep it at the top and slowly bring it down to the middle of the chest.

On an inhalation, lower the bar slowly to the middle of the chest until it slightly touches your skin. The elbows should be kept close to the body and move along its close grip bench.

Stay in that position for at least a second or two, on an exhalation, squeezed the triceps to push the bar upward until it returns to the starting position.



Alternatively, this exercise may be performed in a Smith simulator or using EZ-rod. It should also be noted that a bench for women requires a reduction of half a weight.

In general, bench press wide vs. narrow grip, the women for more balanced muscle development exercise strap fit more, as it aims to strengthen several muscle groups, including the press and frequent problem areas in women.

Tips and tricks

To enable the target muscles in performing the bench press close grip triceps, we need to consider the following points:

  • the distance between the hands is usually 20-25 cm, although individual differences may occur;
  • at the top arms should not straighten completely;
  • time lowering phase lasts twice as long as the recovery phase;
  • We can not allow inertia and repulsed the rod from the chest;
  • throughout the entire trajectory of the neck should not drift and walk.


The common error in doing the bench press narrow grip is that the hands are too close with each other, their correct position and dumbbell bench press the projectile weight discrepancy fitness level (it usually happens with beginners, who tend to work directly with the high weight).

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Another exercise that bears a similar name – bench dumbbell lying on a narrow grip (a grip is also called parallel).


Exercise should be performed at the beginning of the workout, while the muscles are not tired. This will allow working with large weights. Consider the fact that when you press with a narrow grip bench press, the weight that you take on the triceps will be greater than in any other exercise on it.

Watch your balance. To do this, do not be lazy and take the time to ensure that before starting the exercise, that your hands are at an equal distance from the center of the neck. EZ – Vulture will greatly facilitate the task of maintaining balance. Do not forget, it is impossible to stop at the lowest point, otherwise, the load will shift from the triceps to the chest. As soon as the neck touches the chest – immediately squeeze the barbell up. But keep in mind that you must control the entire course of the exercise, the bar should not spring from the chest.

Its difference lies in the fact that it only activates triceps but the chest muscles that are the target group of muscles are much broader.


This exercise also involved the chest and shoulders. It can also be the best alternative method in increasing upper body strength. Having the chest and the shoulder to assist every movement in this exercise, the close grip method allows you to lift heavier loads. Since it is done on a bench, it is guaranteed safe with progressively heavier resistance. The narrow grip also places the maximum muscle development on your triceps. It increased its size that every athletes and bodybuilders want to achieve.

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  1. Which is better narrow grip or wide grip?

  2. Both have their own advantage. Wide grip keep your shoulder retracted while the narrow grip engages your chest and focuses on your triceps.

  3. Is bench pressing dangerous?

  4. No, but without proper knowledge in performing this task, it may lead to serious injuries.

  5. Does it give you bigger arms?

  6. Yes. It solidifies your arms and makes it a lot stronger.

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