Deadlift: classical performance technique

Today we talk about one of the most important exercises for weight set. Anyone new to the gym, deadlift everyday learn to do it correctly, it will have to develop muscles. It’s about the deadlift with the barbell.

This exercise is not heard, perhaps, only a person very far from sport. But here, on the proper technique execution known to few.

On this, as well as the groups of back muscles, which are french press involved in the deadlift, the optimal weight for beginners and girls – will be discussed in detail in today’s article.


What is the deadlift everyday with the barbell

But first, a little theory. So, deadlift everyday – exercise, are utilized prikotorom 75% of all body muscles. In doing so you will not only train the back, legs and arms, but also the power of the whole body. The following muscle groups work at the deadlift:

1 . back muscles ;

2. The muscles of the front of the thigh;

3. muscle posterior of the thigh;

4. buttocks muscles.

In addition to all these muscles you will also train endurance and stretching.


performance technique

Now we proceed to perform the technique and learn how to do this exercise. First, where to start – the selection of the weight. The shell should not be very easy, but the grub when lifting you should not.

Optimal weight of the rod when drawn to determine the best method of selection. All these rules also apply and women who plan to carry out deadlift everyday.

When the weight of the projectile is picked up and ready, you can begin to exercise.

1. Stand in front of the bar, feet shoulder width apart or wider.

2. The grip should be a classic, but if you work with more weight, it is better to use the method raznohvatovy (palm should be directed in different directions).

3. Raise the bar to be correct: the knees over the toes, shoulders should slightly exceed the bar, arms slightly bent at the elbows and are directly above the projectile.

4. Directly lifting rod must be performed vertically romanian dumbbell deadlift. That you will not start to sway, it is better to establish a shell in special racks, which will help in the exercise.

5. When you raise the bar to full extension of knees, stay a while and then lower it slowly.

Technique deadlift

That’s all. Technique deadlift simple. But, despite this simplicity, many make mistakes, because of which not only can not achieve the desired result, but also injured.

To avoid mistakes in the implementation of technology, we are sure to pay attention to in the article photos and videos at the end.


basic errors

Consider the most common problems when performing the american deadlift:

1. The bar each time should touch the floor. That is, every time you squat, you need a few seconds to put it.

2. When lifting rods must work the legs, not your back. Trying to lift a lot of weight back, you can rip it, and it is very painful.

3. When lowering the boom on the floor knees should be bent at the very moment when the projectile neck would be on their level.

4. An important part of this exercise is your sports shoes. Sneakers for the most part have a soft sole. It will hinder you. T. k. On foot falls much weight rods, they should be well documented. Therefore, choose shoes with a solid, rigid sole, suit wrestling.

Of course, it may be a lot more mistakes, but we looked at the most common during the romanian deadlift muscles.

Our advice for beginners – do this exercise several times with a trainer or simply someone who is well versed in deadlift bar weight. It will help you eliminate all the wrong nuances and save you from making mistakes.


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