Diet “10 products” minus 7 kg per week

Diet 10 products

I’m sure many people are losing weight when choosing top 10 diet products is facing some problems. For example, not all products are available, or too rigid diet or during hudeniya body does not have enough beneficial vitamins.

The reasons that people do not like this or that diet are numerous. Due to this many refuse to even choose the lesser of two evils, and did not dare to lose weight.


But today we will tell you about diet 10 products one of the most balanced, affordable and easily tolerable diets lost weight on the reviews. It is a diet “10 products” . It is easy to guess that it is so named because of the number of authorized products. Here is the list:

1. Fillet of poultry;

2. Eggs as chicken and quail, goose and so on. D .;

3. Kefir;

4. tomatoes or tomatoes;

5. Cucumbers;

6. Eggplant;

7. Marrow;

8. Apples;

9. Mushrooms (of course, it is better fresh, but fit and pickled or dried);

10. Cabbage (and cauliflower, and cabbage and broccoli).

How easy and comfortable to lose weight in 10 days

As you can see, all the products are useful, containing all the necessary body nutrients and vitamins. All you need to – it’s just a little imagination, to prepare this list of delicious and healthy dishes, as well as to diversify your menu.

To do this, you will probably need some other ingredients, such as butter, seasonings and more. Therefore, we offer you another list that can be used as auxiliary, and you can do the master list.

1. A bit of black bread;

2. The olive oil;

3. dill and parsley;

4. Bow;

5. Garlic;

6. Lemon juice;

7. The tea (preferably only green) and coffee diet 10 products without sweeteners;

8. A bit of honey (better to use up to 12 hours of the day).

Digression: you do not know how to calculate the daily rate of calories – you will come to the aid of the formula Harris Benedict .

1. How to calculate the daily rate of calories?
2. How to speed up metabolism?
3. What foods help lose weight?
4. How to choose a diet?

What you need to know about the diet of 10 products

Important conditions diet “10 products” is:

1. You need to eat all the food from the list each day.

2. There is one condition – the weight of all ingredients eaten should not exceed 1500 g, ie, no more than 1.5 kilograms per day… This rule does not apply to water, which, as with any diet, it is possible and it is necessary to drink a lot.

It is designed for a week, for a maximum of 10 days. Then, if you enjoy it, it will be possible to practice every 2-3 months.


you have thrown the weight is directly proportional to your excessive weight. This means that the greater the weight, the more you will drop. Generally, results are about 2-4 kg for 10 days.

Also worth mentioning about cooking for your daily menu. Of course you should not fry all in butter. So you risk to increase diet 10 products cholesterol and do not lose weight. Steaming in water, stewing, baking …

Here are ways of cooking, the most suitable for this diet. When they lost the minimum amount of vitamins and minerals. Better yet, if you eat raw vegetables.

And finally, mention that as the need to prepare for losing weight and out of it. In just a few days before the start of the diet of 10 products diet ballerinas exclude sweet and flour from the diet, as well as minimize the amount of salt. Start drinking water.

diet menu for every day

After the end come to normal gradually. With each passing day more and more ingredients include in your diet. If you can, you should almost completely abandon cooking. Do not stop to eat vegetables and fruits.


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