Diet ballerinas: minus 5-6 kg for 10 days

Diet ballerinas

Have you ever noticed what a ballerina slim and fit? Has it ever happened to you to think that their figure – a standard diet ballerinas of femininity and grace? Do you want to be like them? If the answer is “YES”, then this article will give you. After all, today we will talk about the dancers diet, but rather the so-called diet ballerina.


How to eat like a ballerina

If you select a diet you will always remain dissatisfied with the list of authorized products, or just can not give up favorite foods, then our current diet is just for you! What kind of diet do ballerinas have? The thing is that unlike many other diets , in that there is no limit to the consumable products.

You do not have to give up his beloved fried potatoes or sausage. Virtually all of the restrictions that are introduced this diet, for the style of food and the amount of time consumed for food.

Diet plans for ballerinas can be not only of a temporary nature, diet ballerinas as a normal diet, but also to be a permanent way of eating. Thanks to this method of losing weight you can lose 5-6 kg in 10 days, and according to some reviews up to 10 kg!

Digression: you do not know how to calculate the daily rate of calories – you will come to the aid of the formula Harris Benedict .

1. How to calculate the daily rate of calories?
2. How to speed up metabolism?
3. What foods help lose weight?
4. How to choose a diet?

The basic rules of russian ballerinas diet

So, here are the basic rules relating to the diet of the day, which comply with the ballerina to be slim:

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1. Each serving of food, is used at a time is reduced by half. That is, if you are used to eating 400 grams of buckwheat cereal and two sausages, but now you should reduce the dose and eat a sausage and 200 g porridge.

2. Soup should be eaten as a separate dish. That is not with them, to eat bread, you can not eat after the soup and the main course yet.

2. Minimize the amount of salt consumed in food. The salt is diet ballerinas easily replaced by various sauces, such as soy.

4. Drink at least 1-1.5 liters of water per day. Summer to 2 liters. Ideally, the water should be mineral, but not aerated. Water also should drink each time for half an hour before meals and one hour after.

5. Completely remove from the diet mayonnaise purchase. If you are used to eating salads, stuffed it to them, then do it yourself at home.

6. You can not in one meal combining different proteins , such as cheese, fish, fish and meat.

7. All dairy products should be low-fatBALLERINA

If you decide to comply with such artless diet, before you should spend a few days of discharge. In practically unlimited number of the diet meals. The main thing – to observe the above rules.

Also remember that these rules can and should be corrected by itself. For example, many do not eat soups. You can easily replace them with choose the right diet smoothies or vegetable juices.

Number of drunk per day of water is also necessary to bring under its own weight. Remember that to calculate the necessary quantity of the liquid is very simple: for every kilogram of body diet ballerinas weight of 30-35 ml.

Attention! Before you go on a diet for dancers should consult a doctor. If you have no contraindications, then grow thin on health!

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