Dumbbell bench press because of the head with one or two hands

To purchase well hand pump, many make the mistake of focusing on the biceps, triceps although no less important dumbbell bench press because it accounts for two-thirds of the hands. That is why they can not achieve impressive results in the pumping of hands.

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Triceps – a powerful muscle with three heads: from subarticular tubercle blades are long head from the back of the dumbbell bench press shoulder – lateral and posterior surface of the humerus – medial.

Bench dumbbell over your head is directed primarily at strengthening the long and lateral heads of the triceps.

To fill this gap in training, it is highly recommended to perform bench because of the head dumbbell. This simple, but at the same time, highly effective exercise can be used both in the gym and at home, because for him only require dumbbells and knowledge of technology implementation single arm dumbbell bench press.

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Performance technique (well hand pump)

You can perform the dumbbell bench press because of the head while sitting or standing. Let’s start with the sitting position. You will need a bench with support for the back.

Dumbbell is taken with both hands: thumbs wrapped around the handle, and the inner part of the disc rests on the palm, which are directed upwards. Part of the arm from exercise twist shoulder to elbow is next to your head and oriented perpendicular to the floor. Here is the starting position.

On the inhale the dumbbell slowly lowered his head a semicircular motion until forearms when touch the biceps, and a second delay in this position. In this case the elbow angle should be less than 90 degrees. It is important to work only the forearm and hand from the shoulder to the elbow remained motionless.

On exhalation, straining triceps dumbbell is lifted and returned to its original upright position.


As you can see, dumbbell bench press weight triceps due to the head from a technical point of view, does not represent any difficulties and it is available for beginners who want to model yourself pumped athletic figure.

In doing this exercise are possible options. So, you can do bench press dumbbell behind your head with both hands or one hand. In a standing position, he gives back a heavy load, especially dumbbell bench press if you use a lot of weight.

Instead, you can use a dumbbell bar with parallel hilt, which is also well strengthens the triceps. And the rod can be both conventional and EZ. Wherein pronated grip, i.e. hands forward, and the distance between the hands should be approximately 10 cm can be used as cobra 120mg the lower wire unit.; the handle may be cable, normal or EZ.

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Basic errors

When doing this exercise it is important to implement it as clearly as possible to enable it triceps. It is therefore unacceptable that the hand deviates from the vertical position. For this purpose, you can hold dumbbell bench press it with his free hand for the triceps.

It should be remembered that the elbow can not bend more than 90 degrees dumbbell or barbell bench press. The back of this should be flat, lower back should not bend.

And finally, do not take the dumbbell too much weight, it will not benefit.



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