Exercise “bicycle” for abdominal muscles

Exercise bicycle

Exercise bicycle is one of the most popular and easy to implement. Proper exercise bike helps you to lose weight, get a good press and have a beautiful slender model-like figure. It is not surprising that the exercise bike for weight loss is often used along with proper diet and exercise combined with the other complexes.

One of the hardest part to get rid of in the body is the belly fats. However, if you add the bicycle-abdominal exercise in your workout routine, it will surely help you to get rid those belly fats in your tummy. It will also strengthen your core muscles and abdominal muscles. You will also notice building up of multiple muscles to your body. Aside from that, it will also get you a more toned and flattened stomach, as well as more strength and energy during your workouts or any activities that requires energy and strength.

During the program, it can involve several muscle groups, and that provides an exercise bike that you will learn from this article.

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There are many advantages when it comes to exercise bicycle for the press in comparison with others. It does not require expensive and complex fitness equipment, only a small mat or mats spread on the floor is enough. It does not also require serious physical training load that you must increase gradually.

Interestingly, the bicycle-abdominal exercise is a workout-friendly exercise especially for all beginners who decided to invest their time to enhance their physical fitness and make a healthy living life. You have the full control load on how reps and sets you will put in your every workout. But it is recommended to have 10 to 12 reps in 2 – 3 sets. It really depends on your physical capability and your fitness level.

Moreover, it is an effective training for the lifting legs which three groups of muscles were responsible for the press. Therefore, the exercise bike will undoubtedly benefit to enhance your physical fitness, helps to burn fat in your waist which makes it thinner and makes your abdomen flat.

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Perhaps, for men it is not so important, but for women it is essential. And one more thing, it is very important for women because it can reduced cellulite, with whom we are stubborn and not always winning the looks.

The best abdominal exercises

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Young woman doing press fitness exercise for stomach muscles
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Exercise “bicycle”
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Performance Technique

Many people wonder if when does performing an exercise bike build muscles? The answer is almost all the abdominal muscles, but the main thing are the the obliques that make the waist look thinner.

Perform exercise bike lying on your back. Put your arms curled behind your head, and elbows spread wide while fingers into the lock. Straight legs are parallel to each other. This is the starting position.

Lift the shoulder girdle, bent legs raised slightly above the floor in about 15 centimeters. Bend the left knee and pull it to the right elbow, but do not touch it. Stand still in this position for just a second, and then return to the starting position.

Performing an exercise bike on each leg for 15 reps in 3 sets is good if you are already starting working out. If such load is too much for you, start with a smaller number of repetitions and gradually increase them.

Remember that doing the exercise bike is better if you continue doing and gradually increase it with the other workouts. Try to add this exercise to your workout routine and you will definitely see a great change and enhancement to your body even just in 2 weeks or in a month. But, also keep in mind to still have a balanced diet, for you to reach your desired results.


How to do Properly the Bicycle Exercise

Every exercise has a proper ways. One of it is the bicycle exercise. You will learn how to do properly the bicycle exercise after you read the whole article. Bicycle exercise have lots of benefits to your body and mood, but if it was executed incorrectly, it might lead you to your disadvantage. That’s why this article will help you to prevent faulty scenes through educating you on how to do properly the bicycle exercise.

To properly perform an exercise bike, a video is worth a look before class to avoid the major mistakes made by beginners.

  • Do not seek to touch the elbow to the knee, they just need to keep as close as possible.
  • Pressed to the floor of the lower back that cannot be separated from the floor surface.
  • Do not push your head forward with your
  • Observe the correct breathing rhythm, it must be uniform.
  • Focus your attention on the abdominal muscles, try to feel the tension on it.

Perform exercise bike legs. It has very positive effects on the whole muscular frame body, waist, hips and buttocks, which makes them strong, supple and taut.

However, it is not just the solution for the fat folds at the waist and hips, and from a large belly. Only do it together with a set of exercises and diet. It cannot just get rid of body fat, but also to model for a new, beautiful and slim figure.



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10 thoughts on “Exercise “bicycle” for abdominal muscles

  1. nickpetro12 says:

    Does bicycle-abdominal exercise can give me a flat stomach?

  2. Definitely, yes! In fact, doing the bicycle-abdominal exercise will get your stomach become toned and flattened.

  3. Hi, If I do 100 reps of bicycle-abdominal exercise, can I get six-pack abs?

  4. If you only do bicycle-abdominal exercise alone, you might not get six-pack abs easily. You still need to lose weight for your entire body.

  5. I just wanna ask, aside from the core, is there another part of the body that the bicycle-abdominal exercise can work?

  6. Hello, to answer your question, yes, it also work out your rectus abdominus, hips, and obliques

  7. Are bicycle-abdominal exercise good to my lower back?

  8. This exercise will give you tons of advantages if it was executed correctly, but it might pain your neck and back if you do it incorrectly.

  9. What is the recommended number of reps for a beginner?

  10. The common number of reps for this exercise is about 10 to 12 reps in three sets. But it still depends on your fitness level.

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