Exercise “bicycle” for abdominal muscles

Exercise bicycle

Exercise bicycle is one of the most popular and easy to implement. Proper exercise bike helps to lose weight, get a good press and model a beautiful slender figure, so it is not surprising that the exercise bike for weight loss is often used along with diet and exercise combined with other complexes.

During its execution, involving several muscle groups, and that provides an exercise bike, you will learn from this article.

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There are many advantages that an exercise bicycle for the press in comparison with others. It does not require expensive and complex fitness equipment, only a small mat or mats spread on the floor. It does not also require serious physical training load can be increased gradually.

Finally, it is an effective training just for the lifting legs three groups of muscles responsible for the press, so that the exercise bike, which will undoubtedly benefit to enhance physical fitness, helps to burn fat in the waist and makes it thinner and abdomen – a flat.

Digression: you do not know how to choose an exercise bicycle for seniors workout for the legs, squats with dumbbells plié – the best exercise for the inner thigh workout.

Perhaps, for men it is not so important, but for women it is essential. And one more, very important for women result: reduced cellulite, with whom we are stubborn and not always victorious war.

The best abdominal exercises

feet rise in the viseSide bendsExercise “strap”Exercise “bicycle”

Exercise “twisting”
Young woman doing press fitness exercise for stomach muscles
Exercise “strap”
Exercise “bicycle”
Exercise “twisting”
Side bends
feet rise in the vise

performance technique

Many people wonder: when performing an exercise bike which muscles work? The answer: almost all the abdominal muscles, but the main thing – the obliques that make the waist look thinner.

Performed exercise bike lying on his back, arms curled behind his head, elbows spread wide, fingers into the lock. Straight legs are parallel to each other. This is the starting position.

Lift the shoulder girdle, bent legs raised slightly above the floor (15 centimeters), bend the left knee and pull it to the right elbow, but did not touch it, stand still in this position for just a second, and then return to starting position.

Performing an exercise bike on each leg for 15 reps in 3 approach, but if such a load is too much for you, start with a smaller number of repetitions and gradually increase them.


How to properly bicycle exercise

To properly perform an exercise bike, a video is worth a look before class to avoid the major mistakes made by beginners.

  • Do not seek to touch the elbow to the knee, they just need to keep as close as possible.
  • Pressed to the floor of the lower back can not be separated from the floor surface.
  • Do not push your head forward with his hands.
  • Observe the correct breathing rhythm, it must be uniform.
  • Focus your attention on the abdominal muscles, try to feel the tension in them.

Although performed exercise bike legs, it is a very positive effect on the whole muscular frame body, waist, hips, buttocks, making them strong, supple and taut.

However, one is, of course, can not be a panacea for the fat folds at the waist and hips, and from a large belly. Only in conjunction with a set of exercises and diet can not just get rid of body fat, but also to model for a new, beautiful and slim figure.



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