Exercise “lifting legs in the vise”: Lead technique

Exercise lifting legs

Hardly anyone would argue that lifting legs vise abdominal muscles (the press) is developing lifting legs very effectively, but it is also one of the most difficult.

Its ability to properly perform only advanced enough athletes with well-developed and strong muscles, which helps stabilize the body when carried out feet rise in the vise .

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Exercise lifting legs in the vise has a number of advantages, since activated a “muscular ensemble”, including both main and auxiliary muscles of the abdomen, through the development of which creates a denser muscular body frame and improves posture.

At the same time there is no risk to injure the lower back, which is especially important for those with lower back problems.

The best abdominal exercises

feet rise in the viseSide bendsExercise “strap”Exercise “bicycle”

Exercise “twisting”
Young woman doing press fitness exercise for stomach muscles
Exercise “strap”
Exercise “bicycle”
Exercise “twisting”
Side bends
feet rise in the vise

Performance lifting legs technique

Exercise rise straight leg in a vise has a greater variability of performance: on the lintel, on the bar, on the simulator, etc., with straight or bent legs at the knees.. Although the technique of its implementation is not complicated, it requires some athletic training.

On the bar, for example, the starting position is “hanging” benefits of lifting legs: to hang on the bar, holding his right hand grip at shoulder width or slightly wider. Feet should be flat or slightly elongated recede.

Digression: you do not know how to choose an exercise workout for the legs, squats with dumbbells plié – the best exercise for the inner thigh workout.

Sniffing and holding his breath, the legs raised up until they form a right angle with the body. After completing the lifting legs, breathe out, the feet were abdominal muscles fixed in such a position on a 1-2 count, then slowly return to starting position.

It should be noted that the rise in the vise knees feet on the bar carried legs bent at the knees, and on the bars with back both direct and knees bent legs.

In addition, when the exercise lifting legs everyday in Wiese approaches are chosen depending on the level of training of the athlete.


What mistakes should be avoided

    • Beginners can start this exercise on the wall bars or bars with a vertical back, bending your knees.
    • With too much weight to perform better legs rise in vise on the bars with the back.
    • If hands are not able to maintain body weight and disengaged on the bar, you can use the strap or straps carpal.
    • Make sure that the housing is not swayed, and the motion has not been used the force of inertia.
    • In the classic version of the feet must be raised to a 90 degree angle, but if desired they can be lifted as high as you get.
    • When it reaches the end point of the trajectory, it is necessary to stay on account 1-2, wherein additionally straining the abdominal muscles.
    • Advanced athletes use burdening (dumbbells or a pancake placed between the soles of the feet).


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