Exercise Rod T-fretboard: machines, grips, errors

Exercise Rod T-fretboard

Exercises T-bar Row is designed to study the mid back due to the attention of the blades, so that the load falls on the target zone.

Due to this equipment, the back becomes more massive, accentuated musculature thickness become more detailed and improves one’s posture. Just always remember that it is crucial to execute it with proper form to minimize the risk of injury.


The most target muscle of this exercise is latissimus dorsi which is the largest muscle at the back. It also biomechanically represents a stronger thrust position and enables a stronger load for muscle arrays middle and lower back: lats, trapezoid, rhomboid muscles, back delta, large round and biceps. Also stimulated muscles press.

However, to exercise traction T-Bar Row give the desired effect, it is necessary to perform (preferably front of a mirror), having mastered the right technique under the guidance of a coach.

But half of the new gym visitors forgot to seek assistance regarding weight limits resulting to cramps and muscle pain..

Digression: If you do not know Exercises T-bar Row what other method can you use to pump up your back? Deadlifts with a barbell, it is the best basic exercise to train the muscles of the back.

To protect the back from injury and perform an exercise program at full strength always do pre-complex workout to warm up the muscles.

Performing appliances, basic errors, recommendations

Here’s the proper position for the T-bar row

  • Feet should be aligned with the shoulder width
  • Hips are set back and knees are slightly bent
  • Back straight and upright
  • Always keep the elbow close to the body when lifting

Unfortunately, many gyms don’t have a T-bar row station. However, you can just use the bar, resting and securely in one end in the corner.

If your gym does not have a T-bar row station, try following these steps;

  • Place the end of a barbell into a corner
  • Put some weights to hold it down
  • Load the opposite end with plates
  • Feet should be aligned with the shoulder width
  • Hips are set back and knees are slightly bent
  • Back straight and upright
  • Always keep the elbow close to the body when lifting

In addition, you will need a special pen or straps t-bar row platform. Link T-neck in the simulator is more convenient to perform because it is fully equipped.

A T-Rod fingerboard comes with different grip; wide, medium or narrow, forward and reverse parallel; options can be alternated.


With the proper equipment, this exercise is still performed with bent legs and the body is tilted 70-80 degrees, which is almost parallel to the floor, and humped back. Lack of bend of the trunk will drive the whole effect to naught. You need to keep the back straight T-bar row machine, bringing the shoulder blades together while raising the handle.

When it goes, and shoulders down and back slightly hunched. This contributes to better stretch and work out the back muscles.

T-Bar Row to the waist should be done gradually, with constant control of the muscles involved. To some extent, the effect depends on the grip, although he is chosen randomly, as desired.

However, experienced athletes say that the reverse Exercises standing t-bar row grip elbows pressed close to the body, and this contributes to a stronger reduction in lat.

This also contributes to and handles lifting barbell biceps technique with rotating handles. Thanks to her, in the lower position the brush can rotate the palms back and in the upper – palms inward, which mimics a similar exercise with dumbbells. As a result, more latissimus stretch and contract.

A gentle reminder about doing this exercise, it is very important to maintain a neutral spine. Flexing your spine while doing the T-bar row will help you be more comfortable. Once the spine is flex, it is supported by muscles that makes it easier and saves energy.



The best exercises for back muscles

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Deadlift barbell
Thrust block sitting
Link T-neck in the slope
Thrust one arm
Thrust rod in the slope


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  1. Hi, Is it reliable?

  2. It guaranteed safety because the weight is beneath your center of gravity as opposed to slightly in front of it.

  3. What’s the difference between T-bar row and barbell row?

  4. Both exercises will help to change your shape. The only difference is in barbell, width of the muscles is increase while in the T-bar row, the thickness and depth of the muscles is developed.

  5. Does it also work out your chest?

  6. This exercise puts multiple muscles at work and that also includes your chest.

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