Exercise “strip” for the abdominal muscles and losing weight

Exercise strip

Plank exercise for the press, which is focused not on the pump, and to strengthen several muscle groups and, as a consequence, the creation of the hard muscular corset and modeling slim figure.

Therefore, the question about that, what muscles are working when it is running, you can answer: almost everything! Its use for weight loss also gives excellent effect due to the elimination of fatty deposits in the most, perhaps the problem areas (stomach, thighs, buttocks).


Because when it is running are involved all the abdominal muscles, the exercise strap gives results as a base for all restorative abdominals.

Digression: if you love to workout, then you will certainly be interested in an article with video tutorials about the rise with unbending .

Plank exercise – uprazhnenie, benefits and harms that are caused by the state of health and the physical form of man, so that there are contraindications. It is isometric (static) and, therefore, may cause pressure rise, so that people with cardiovascular problems it is better not to do.

If we talk about what the effect of exercise strap, we can note a number of points:

  • develop power rates many muscle groups at once;
  • strengthened muscular corset;
  • improved posture;
  • simulated slim, trim figure;
  • strap for men leads to abdominal muscles more relief.

And all this – without simulators and any additional equipment! No wonder exercise strap has the most positive reviews.

The best abdominal exercises

feet rise in the viseSide bendsExercise “strap”Exercise “bicycle”

Exercise “twisting”
Young woman doing press fitness exercise for stomach muscles
Exercise “strap”
Exercise “bicycle”
Exercise “twisting”
Side bends
feet rise in the vise

Technique plank exercise

Exercise strap options is very different, but we will now consider the base – strap on his elbows. Try at least in the first stage to perform it in front of a mirror to see if you’re doing it right, and to remember the sensations of muscle tension – it will need in the future.

Digression: you do not know how to choose an strip exercise workout for the legs, squats with dumbbells plié – the best exercise for the inner thigh workout.

So, how to do best plank exercise? Plank exercise strip photo is easy to find on the Internet, is performed in the horizontal position, so you will need a fitness mat (can be used and the usual). In addition, it is possible to put before the eyes of a stopwatch or clock with a second hand to be able to control the timing.

The initial position – laying emphasis, body weight is retained on two supporting points: elbow / forearm (arms bent at an angle of 90 degrees) and forefoot.


The back should be flat in the middle of the housing strip is not slack, and buttocks are not bulged. In general, the position of the body should be such that from head to toe you can draw a straight line.

Now you need as much as possible to stretch the abdominal muscles, stay in this position for at least 30 seconds (preferably 1 minute or more), then you can relax. One approach is performed 3-5 reps. This strip is the answer to the question: plank exercise – how to do?

At first glance, nothing complicated, but not everyone gets the very first time to keep the muscles under tension for 30 seconds. Then, you can dumbbell side bends resort to the light option, with your knees bent. In general for strengthening the musculature of the profile can be used and push pull (or upper traction unit).

Another common question: how many times the plank exercise for beginners to do in the day and how do approaches? Someone recommended to do it every day, someone – 3-4 times a week with 3-4 sets at a time. If you are able to hold the muscle tension for 2 minutes or longer, it is possible to complicate its implementation.


Sometimes ask a strange question: how long strip can you keep your feet? But you keep in suspense not only feet, but the entire musculature of the body, and how you can “hold” them depends on your fitness and willpower.

Many are also interested in: how much plank exercise benefits burns calories? Because it is static, not dynamic, then the calories it burns less, but in conjunction with other exercise strap slimming abdomen and modeling good figure very helpful.

Perhaps the exercise strap before and after strip training – this is too much load, but that it should be included in the complex exercise, of course, in fact it is the most effective for the formation of rigid corset of muscle bundles “belly-to-back.”

This, in turn, contributes to the stabilization and support of the housing, such as squat or deads.


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