Exercise “twist” on the abdominal muscles

Exercise twist

Twisting is definitely one of the most popular exercises that are always included in the training program. Twist exercise in the press (scientifically, they are called abdominal crunches) gives us the kind of stomach every one dreamed of.

For men, their abdominals appear as cubes, popularly known as abs, and for women, belly fats disappear resulting in a taut tummy that everyone would want to show off.

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What is curling

The video at the end of this article will show you all details regarding press twisting; we’ll now proceed to the theory. So, twisting exercise is used to strengthen the muscular system of the abdomen, muscles which act as stabilizers of the body that also support good posture. Crunches work the midsection of your body. It also engages the oblique muscles once the rotation is added to the movement. It is an effective way to strengthen the front of your torso or the core region of your body.

When performing crunches many muscles are involved: the rectus abdominis (abdominal muscle), pectoralis major (muscle at the chest), external and internal oblique (muscles at the side of the abdomen), and transverse abdominis (deep abdominal wall or muscle layer). You can perform the press twisting on the floor or on a bench, lying on your back, as long as the lower and middle part of the back is fully pressed and resting to the floor. Then, the entire burden should fall on the abdominal muscles.

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Particular attention should be given to the oblique abdominal muscles, they are the ones that provide a thin waist. This can be achieved by adding rotation movement to the main body. When training the internal oblique muscles on the opposite side of the waist, the external oblique is also automatically worked out together with it.

As a result of twisting the press, the entire abdominal muscle corset strengthened and it also improves shape and posture. This exercise does not require any tools, it can be performed not only in the gym but even at home.


To avoid mistakes, it is recommended to see a pre-twisting at a news video at end of the article.

This exercise should be performed very carefully because an excessive pressure on the intervertebral discs, which acts as a shock absorber between each of the vertebrae in the spinal column, can lead to a back injury. Those who already have back problems or people with a sedentary lifestyle might have serious back injuries if they do this exercise without the proper guidance of an expert. So better to keep the natural curve of the spine and health will not be harmed.

The best abdominal exercises
Exercise “bicycle”Side bendsExercise “strap”feet rise in the vise
Exercise “twisting”
Young woman doing press fitness exercise for stomach muscles
Exercise “strap”
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Exercise “twisting”
Side bends
feet rise in the vise

Performance body twist exercise technique

The Russian twist is a simple and effective way of toning one’s core, hips, and shoulders. It is popular among athletes because it helps with twisting movements that allow you to change direction quickly. Here’s how you should conduct the Russian twist; lie on the floor, bend your knees at a right angle, or throw on a bench; hands behind the head (but not in the castle), elbows to the sides; lower back firmly fixed on the floor.

The lower and middle part of the back should remain fixed, and on exhalation upper back due to rounding is applied to the pelvis (the back is not separated from the bicycle for abdominal muscles the floor and is supplied to the knees). The reduction is necessary to keep at the endpoint of the trajectory on a 1-2 count, and then inhale slowly and return to the starting position.

For development, certain parts of the abdominals are performed on twisting or rolling the upper press at a press lower.

Diagonal curl can be carried out as lying or standing, while still activated and psoas or the pair of large muscle that flexes the hip. Double waist twist exercise is designed for advanced level training; the main burden in this exercise lies with the muscles of the upper and lower abdominals.


To know exactly how to do the twist at the press you can watch the video at the end of this article.

Here are the common mistakes that we are doing unknowingly that reduce the effectiveness of this exercise:

  • Tucking your chin into your chest
  • Jerking up into a crunch
  • Raising your body too high off the floor
  • Not keeping your abdominal muscles contracted
  • Work should come from the abs, not the neck


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  1. Why does it need to work out abdominal muscles?

  2. Aside from a model like body, strong core muscles help us to do physical activities a lot easier. It also gives us good posture that avoids lower back pain and muscle injuries.

  3. Can twisting slim your waist?

  4. Yes it can. It melts the excess fats on your torso resulting to a firmer and smaller waist.

  5. AugPon146 says:

    Is it good to train the abdominal muscles every day?

  6. It’s safe to work it every day as long you are following a healthy workout routine to avoid sore and stress of your abdominal muscles.

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