Exercises for the leg muscles at home

Exercises for the leg muscles

Every aspiring athlete dreams of having big hands, broad shoulders, huge shoulders and chest beautiful relief, but many people forget about the legs and neglect training for them, think that they can just wear long pants all his – but this is a mistake!

The strength of the feet is very important in a variety of sports. There are many sports where the lower body strength is a priority. Today we will talk about exercises for the leg muscles at home.

Also recall that in a previous article we talked about the fact, how to pump up the pectoral muscles , be sure to check. In addition to the above, the strength of the legs is crucial to your health and is the basis for protection against injury.

If you have strong legs, it is possible to lift heavy objects and weights correctly and avoid injury lower back. So, here is a set of exercises to strengthen leg muscles.

The best exercises for the leg muscles

                Reduction legs sittingPlie squatsLeg press in the simulatorLeg extensionBulgarian attacks

Reduction legs sitting, Plie squats, Bulgarian attacks, Leg extension, Leg press in the simulator

Exercise on the iliopsoas muscles of the legs

These muscles are responsible for the fact that we could pick up our feet in front of him. This will be the essence of the exercise. To perform the exercise, stand against the wall and push it back, raise the legs alternately in front of him. Keep your back straight – it will give the best effect . Perform 3-4 sets must be 10-15 times with each leg. Once you can easily perform this exercise, you can use weights for legs.

crouching on one leg

There is another way to perform this exercise: perform all and for sure, but just sitting on the floor. You can also raise just two legs simultaneously.

It is important that your body leaning backward, otherwise the load on the muscles is minimal.

At first glance it looks simple, but this exercise for the leg muscles in the home – a great alternative to a sports hall.

Downloading the quadriceps muscles of the legs at home

This group of muscles is intended to enable us to straighten our legs. The best exercises for their workout – squats on one leg. Perform the exercise can have a wall or another any object that will help you keep your balance. Running from 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 squats on each leg. Squat on one leg – it’s a great exercise for the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

squats on one leg


Downloading hamstrings

To do this, lie down on the floor and put his feet, for example, on a chair, but so that they bend at the knees, then start to raise his body. You will feel immediately how your hamstrings. The same thing you can do with one foot. Perform 4 sets of 10 times for each leg.


Train the muscles of the calf house

Our calves are responsible for the fact that we can get on your toes. It is this feature, we will use for their training. So, become a face-to-wall and in turn begin to rise on the toes of each foot. Spawn – hardy muscles of the legs, and to train them to climb slowly and linger at the top for a couple of seconds. Perform 4 sets of 10 lifts with each leg.


Here we have listed some of the exercises for the leg muscles at home, under which you will be able not only to maintain your feet in good shape, but also prepare for further studies in the gym. And for those who are too lazy to read, below is a video about the exercises for the leg muscles.

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