Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the waist

Strengthen the muscles of the waist

Every girl dreams of a thin and slender muscles of the waist. Regardless of the type of figure waist always emphasizes the shape of its owner.

Particularly advantageous wasp waist looks at owners of magnificent forms. In today’s article we will focus on what you need to do exercises for a thin waist and flat stomach, which is quite suitable for home exercise.

strengthen the muscles of the waist

How to achieve a narrow and slender waist

Contrary to popular belief that the waist thickness depends on genetics, and if so you are not lucky with this, do not fix anything, it is not. Of course, to some extent, our physique depends on the parents and the nature, but in any case we can always fix what we are unhappy. Just a girl, full-bodied, it will be harder to do than too thin.

But this result will be achieved only more joyful and meaningful! So do not worry that you do not get to achieve the desired. All that is required of you – is regular and conscientious exercise to reduce waist circumference.

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The best exercises for the waist and abdominal muscles

If you want to know what exercises to do to the muscles of the waist, we specifically chose the most effective of them. These exercises are somewhat similar to abdominal exercises. This is not surprising, because the basis of the waist up is the abdominal muscles.

Carry out the proposed set of exercises is worth 3 times a week. In this case, do not get too zealous and increase the amount of training. From too frequent employment volume of your muscles of the waist is not only not reduced, but may also increase.

To better secure the material at the end of the article provided by the video that will help you understand how to do the exercises for your waist and flat stomach.

The first exercise

So, the first exercise is great for those who want to quickly strengthens the abdominal muscles, and it can perform at home. To take a starting position, lie on the floor and bend your knees, and his hands behind his head pinch. Then, lifting the blade from the floor and drag to the knees. Hold as you can at the top. Do 15 reps of these.

muscles of the waist

The second exercise

The following exercise is performed as well as the house and pumping abdominal muscles and at the same time burn the excess fat in the waist area. Take the situation as if you were going to do push-ups. Arms straight, placed shoulder-width apart and hands under pump up the muscles of the back at home for girls shoulders. Making right steps, and then left. So 15-20 times in each direction.


Third, effective exercises

Like the first two, exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and make your stomach flat, as well as good for the waistline muscles of the hip and waist.

Take the starting position sitting on the floor. Bring the legs bent at the knees to the chest. Then lean back about 45 degrees, and straighten your legs forward. In this position, pause for 10-15 seconds. Perform 10-15 repetitions.

abdominal muscles

The fourth exercise

Lying on the floor Get your hands behind your head. Lift straight legs and place them perpendicular to the floor. On the exhale, lift your shoulders, arms and head, and the lower one leg, but do not put it on the floor. Leg should be almost parallel to it. Hold this position, and then adjust the leg. Do such mahi for 10-20 seconds. Then rest for half a minute and repeat.

lift straight legs

The fifth exercise

The last exercise – this is all familiar navigation. Lie on your stomach. Arms extended upward. Lift the legs, body and arms. Feet do the movements, if floating crawl. Hands pull to the chest, bending at the elbows, as if you swam breaststroke. Repeat this movement for a few seconds. Then a little rest and repeat all over again.

familiar navigation

Following these simple exercises, you can easily achieve a thin muscles of the waist and introduce your stomach in order. But it is also worth mentioning that the results will be achieved much easier and faster if you try to remove the flour from your diet, too sweet and fatty foods. Lose weight with pleasure!

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