French press: Lead technique exercises

French press

When training the triceps, one of the most popular exercises is the french press barbell of a bar or dumbbells while lying, sitting, or standing. But do you have any more ideas about this exercise? Let us discuss the facts about it. This exercise is commonly done by plenty of people at the gyms but this exercise seems more damaging compared to bicep exercises. This always tends to break arms if not properly done. Always take note to be more careful and we recommend you to work out your biceps as well while performing this so that you will be powerful leading to avoid severe injuries.

To begin, let’s talk about what this exercise trains. However, we recommend reading the article “Muscle and Arms Anatomy.”

The main muscles that are targeted, all the work is triceps. That is, they account for the bulk load. To a lesser extent involving the pectoral muscles, and the muscles of the shoulder girdle.


What can be achieved by performing the french press barbell of a bar or dumbbells

An exercise like the french press barbell can increase the muscles of the arms in terms of volume, increase joint flexibility, and isolate the triceps. In addition, the press is useful for women who have arm muscles that tend to sag.

But before you proceed to do this kind of exercise, you must have enough knowledge or idea on what particular muscles of our body will be enhanced so you will know what to achieve. French press exercise also benefits other muscles and body parts rather than the triceps itself – the abdomen, pectoral muscle (particularly in upper and lateral portion), rectus and oblique muscles, deltoids, shoulder, radial wrist flexor, and others.

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Departing from the topic, it is recommended to read articles about how to increase biceps volume.

Performance technique

So, how do we perform the French press? The first thing you need to know about the technique of execution of the French bench press is that the exercise is performed by lying on a bench. However, it can also be done by sitting or standing. The shells may act as a dumbbell or barbell directed with an E-shaped stamp.

The weight should not be too heavy and you need to be able to do 10 sets. To prevent errors, take note of the photo in this article, as well as the video at the end of the post.

Digression: if you’re a girl and you want to have beautiful and taut breasts, be sure to check the table push-ups and french press exercise barbell. You can try Test Prop 100

So, the starting position:                                                          

  1. Lie down on the bench (legs can be lowered to the floor or elevated on a bench, in both cases, the knees should be bent) and put on a chest bar with a small weight. The grip should be narrow (less than 5 cm).
  2. Raise your arms above your chest at right angles to the body.
  3. Then bend your elbows slowly french press workout barbell, while keeping them in one place, should move only the forearm.
  4. When the hands are in the forehead, linger, and then begin to slowly raise and shell. Repeat as many times as scheduled


Options and error in the lift

There are many options and variations of execution of the French bench press and barbell military press. For example, for the head on the block, you may do an incline bench; while with different positions of hands, sitting would be much advisable.

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Now,  we talk about the most common of them. Let’s talk about the most common mistakes that you can avoid.

It should be remembered that the French press – one of those exercises in which care should be taken to the desired strained muscles. In this case, you should follow arctic zero nutrition for the triceps and do not allow the load to be distributed over all the muscles of your hands.

  1. Shoulders and elbows should be still.
  2. Take care of the basin and should not come off the bench.
  3. Do not lower the bar below your head, if you do not train the triceps stretched.
  4. Elbows should not diverge widely when lowering your Try to keep them as straight as possible.

Finally, that is all you need to know about the French bench. It should be said that, if you have any medical conditions or complaints related to elbows, it is better to abandon this exercise and rather pay attention to other similar exercises.

The best exercises for the muscles in the arms

Raising the rodLifting dumbbellsFrench pressBench press narrow gripDumbbell bench press because of the head

French press
Lifting rod
Bench press narrow grip
Lifting dumbbells
Dumbbell bench press because of the head
Select the proper type of food to achieve faster results!

Working your muscles out is such a serious exercise that requires your conscious attention. Perhaps, your eating habits must also be good and healthy so that you will get favorable results.

Here, we will help you to achieve your desires!

Let us talk about muscle food for men. If you have the intention to mold and sculpt your body, you always have to supply your body enough fluids to avoid dehydration plus eat the right energy-rich food while you are exercising. Here are some 7 types of food that you might want.

  1. Lean meat – a good source of iron, protein, and amino acids (leucine) which is good for boosting your muscle.
  2. Eggs – having at least 1 egg a day will be good for you, it will provide you all the essential amino acids you need.
  3. Nuts – a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fats.
  4. Fruit and veggies – although they have small amounts of protein, experts say that it is the most essential and it is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. It gives you finer, vitamins, and minerals.
  5. Chicken (dark meat) – it is better compared to the typical chicken meat as it provides more iron and zinc.
  6. Beans and whole grains – beneficial for repairing muscle. Is also a good source for vitamins and antioxidants.
  7. Low-fat dairy – this will give you a set of essential vitamins like vitamin D. It also has potassium, calcium, carbohydrates, and high-quality protein.
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Having this kind of muscle-food will help you to gain weight. Nevertheless, this is also good even when losing weight because it will supply you essential nutrients and will keep your immune system strong all the time during the process.

Power to weight setFood for weight loss

Nutrition for Weight gain
Nutrition for weight loss

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  1. Should I eat muscle-food?

  2. Yes. It is highly recommended for you to take such kinds of food so that the result will be likely to be the best.

  3. How long should I do all these?

  4. Depends on your desire. You will gain muscle volume and strength by exercising continuously

  5. Of course yes. There is no experience requirement on these exercises. You just have to follow prescribed steps and be disciplined at the same time when doing these.

  6. Can these exercises be performed by newbies?

  7. Hello, What exercise is more advisable?

  8. Hi, There is no such thing as advisable. You may always opt to choose your best exercise that suits your goal.

  9. imthenight says:

    Good day! How to perform french press lift?

  10. Hello there! Hold the barbell at your full extent over the chest. Move it by keeping your upper arms in stationary position, then flex your elbows to lower the bar coming to your forehead. Stop a little bit for a second and then return the barbell up to your initial position. Perform as many repetitions as you can depending on your desire

  11. Hello! How to perform french press exercise?

  12. Hi! You may hold 5 to 10 pounds dumbbells for both hands and just straighten your arms towards your chest. Must always keep your palms facing each other, then bend your elbows, and slowly lower the dumbbells going tk your shoulders until your lower arm forms a 45-degree angle to your upper arm.

  13. What muscles does the French press targets?

  14. Is French press and Skull Crushers are the same?

  15. How to get started the standing French press work?

  16. The French press is an amazing exercise for increasing the size and strength in your triceps and is one of the only exercises to work all 3 heads of your triceps muscle.

  17. The French Press is seated overhead arm extension and Skull Crusher is the arm expansion from a lying position.

  18. Stand up straight with the bar with your feet around shoulder-width separated and a slight curve in your knees. Lift the bar over your head and twist at your elbows somewhat to take the pressure onto your back arm muscles. Your palms are currently confronting upward. This should beginning situation for the activity.

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