Hand Bussing with dumbbells lying: Appliances, errors, tips

Hand Bussing with dumbbells

In today’s article we will focus on the most common exercise among the majority of athletes and bodybuilders. Namely wiring bussing with dumbbells. It has long been included in the main clip exercise, trainees chest muscles. 


How useful distributing arms with dumbbells lying

Wiring dumbbells lying on a horizontal or vertical bench increases not only the muscles but also the volume of the lungs. You will be able to pump the chest and push-ups for girls kneaded and pumped up biceps , triceps , wrist and Delta.

The main benefits of this exercise are:

1. Formation of a correct posture;

2. A good stretch for your back;

3. It is a simple process;

4. Train multiple muscle groups (triceps, biceps, deltoids, breast);

5. Stretching thoracic;

6. The development of the chest width.

Technology implementation

So, let us discuss the implementation techniques, and talk about how to do farming dumbbells lying. To do this:

1. Holding a dumbbell on, sit on a bench, and then go;

2. Starting position – lying on a bench, hands on chest, elbows slightly bent, palms facing each other, legs bent and stand firmly on the floor;


3. On a breath dissolve hands in the parties until such time until they caught up with the breast and will not be parallel to the floor;

4. wait a few seconds and exhale bring your hands back to the starting position.


Major errors in execution

Now, to understand the implementation, it is necessary to talk about the main mistakes.

One of the main things – haste.

You should not try to be the fastest, on the contrary, it is best done slowly so as to feel as tense and relax your chest. Too fast pace can lead to injury.

The second error – lack of breeding hands.

This means that the hands are stopped too high, and because of this not worked out all the muscles, and some did remain unincorporated in training. Hands should be exactly on the level of the body, not above, but not below.

Digression: if you are a beautiful girl and you want to have a beautiful chest and tightened, be sure to check that the program of push-ups for girls .

The third mistake – straight elbows.

In general, keep your arms straight throughout the performance you do not get. If all the same you can straighten your elbows, then it suggests that the weight you selected is not sufficient. In general, direct hands can lead to sprains and even fractures. Here are the main mistakes made by beginners.

The best exercises for the chest muscles

Exercise PulloverBench press narrow gripDumbbell bench press lying

wiring dumbbells
Exercise Pullover
Bench press
Dumbbell bench press lying

To summarize:

1. Do everything slowly;

2. Dilute the hand to the end, so that they are at chest level;

3. Choosing the right weight;

4. Do not unbend hands.


Above we have described the classic embodiment of a wiring lying on the horizontal bar. However, there are two other options: a vertical (inclined bench) and with the opposite slope.

1. Option on an incline bench is used for load displacement on the upper part of the breast and its elaboration.

Dumbbell Bench Press Lying

2 . The layout is directed in the opposite slope stretching lower chest.

Identical to the classical technique of execution on the horizontal bar.

Also, this exercise can be carried out even without dumbbells. But they should replace the simulator. Its use can be useful for those who want to work with more weight and work on the middle and lower thoracic muscles. For the rest, well suited classic version.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the layout is great for stretching the pectoral and it is better to perform after heavy basic elements such as the bench press. And in order to better absorb all the material can be seen below the video on the topic.



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