How do riveting on the bar?

Many outdoor athletes start out with it rise with unbending on the bar muscle up or, in other words, with riveting. There is an opinion that learning to perform the ascent from the unbending on the bar is very difficult, but it is not.

Learning how to do with the rise of unbending may even someone who is not able to catch up. And all because the riveting – this is a purely technical element, to perform which no special skills required. In today’s article we will talk about how to learn how to make riveting on the bar.

Digression: you do not know how to choose an exercise for training shoulder, distributing dumbbells in hand – the best way to train the deltoids!

riveting on the bar

Technique lift with unbending on the bar

The first thing to understand that riveting is performed not by strength, but by technology. When you train riveting, it is better to do it in the straps bar muscle up. This is to ensure that when you do this exercise 50 times a day, you have not fallen as a result of relaxation of the grip.

So let’s go over the main points in order to learn how to perform the riveting on the bar.

1. To start, you need to learn to swing. When doing the buildup, watch the shoulders are relaxed.

2. Once you have learned to swing bar muscle up, you need to learn how to bring the legs to the crossbeam. The most important thing you need to bring to the bar no shin, namely socks. Why is this necessary? When you put your feet, and then omit them, you create a force that will push you to the top.

riveting on the bar for beginners

3. However, a swing and bring the legs enough to perform recovery with unbending. Once you have brought the socks to the bar you have to like to push foot forward and pull the pelvis to the bar and at the same time to make a move up the shoulders.

To summarize: you brought the socks to the bar, pushes his legs forward, tighten the pelvis and shoulders to make a move up. If you make these movements properly and at the same time, you will pull up.

How to learn how to make riveting on the bar for beginners

For those who are just bar muscle up tips beginning to explore this element, there is one good exercise for your workout.

For him you need to find a horizontal bar, which will take you around fruit weight loss diet to his chest or nose. You go out of the bar at arm’s length, a little run up, with, of course, hold the horizontal bar, and then, at a time when your feet are off the ground, and his hands will already be stretched back, make a sharp feet max, and you should throw to riveting.

The best workout exercises

A suicide bomber on a horizontal barHatchet on the barLach on Gainer HorizontalPrince OutSpanish output

Hatchet on the bar
Prince Out
Lach on Gainer Horizontal
Spanish output
A suicide bomber on a horizontal bar muscle up tips

Read one manual on how to properly learn how to make riveting on the bar will not be enough, so below shows the instructional video from one of the best street gymnasts Mikhail Baratova that accurately help in the understanding and study of the gymnastic element. Train and you will succeed!

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