How much should last workout in the gym

last workout in the gym

Surely all who start going to the gym or just to train at home , people thought about how much should last workout in the gym.

A definite answer will not give you none. The time depends on many factors. Today we will tell you about what should be guided by asking yourself some time for sports.

The purpose of training

The very first factor that you should pay attention – this is the goal. Depending on what result you expect from a class, it can be a workout for weight loss in the gym, strength, or relief, and this should select the duration thereof.The most time-consuming exercises designed to increase strength. Less – to the relief and weight loss. For the latter purpose is enough and 40 minutes.


The number of workouts per week

So, we continue, to answer the question, how much time should last workout in the gym. The second thing you need to focus, – the time that you are willing to devote to training. Or rather, how many times per week you will be able to do.

If you can spend only two nights after work from seven in the gym, while in the gym should be pretty long. If the sport – an integral part of your life and it is given music for the training to 4 or even 5 days a week, training time can be not so great.

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Depending on the age

Of course workout plans in the gym, we must not forget about the peculiarities of age. Physical capabilities of twenty very different from the forties. If you are young and energetic, and the training can last longer. If you are older, you should take it easy and do not overwork.

Depending on the sex and state of health

Your sex – another factor that influences the duration of exercise. Men are more physically hardy, and, consequently, the train may be longer. Of course, all sensitive personal and depends on the person and the possibilities of its body.However, past the floor you must take into account the state of health before training. As many athletes train after work, so it will affect the duration of the training.



Secondary, but nonetheless important factors are the length of your workouts and fatigue in front of them. Naturally, the longer you exercise, the more your body becomes fitter, more time on training.Newcomer is not necessary to immediately load the two-hour marathon of sports, you can start small, gradually increasing the time.

Tired before going to the room must be considered at all times. Agree, if you have already come to the gym tired, then you do not want to train.

Most people work until the evening, and then go do it. In this case, training time, reduce costs and increase their number. That’s all the principles on which to build their studies.


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