Lifting barbell biceps: Lead technique

Exercise lifting barbell biceps includes virtually every workout program muscle muscle and is considered indispensable for inflating the volume of the biceps. 

This exercise is a complex effect on the number of parameters of the biceps:

  • its size;
  • strength and endurance;
  • quality load provides a reasonably good range of motion and weight variation.


For correct lifting barbell biceps and video at the end of the article it allows you to see all the details.

As a rule, arms training usually start with this exercise. Although it is widespread, boom lifting machines for biceps often leaves much to be desired.

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Depending on what the targeted exercise, weight, and number of sets of repetitions vary. So, to develop strength recommended 5 sets of 3-5 repetitions to increase – 3 sets of 7-10 reps for definition -2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

With a large weight can use the strap or belt.

What is the best neck: straight or curved?

According to experts, straight or curved (EZ) vultures have practically no effect on raising the weight, but the wrist latter option is more comfortable, especially when a large weight.

In addition, the rise of the biceps ez boom allows the athlete to immediately determine the center of the bar, choose the right place to capture and thus ensure that all muscles evenly loaded.

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EZ-neck and external bends correspond to the correct position for hand and shoulder width is preferred in terms of injury prevention.

Although straight, the longer neck and has no listed advantages, ideally it should be used interchangeably with a curved, as periodically lifting dumbbells for biceps changing the grips with narrow and wide on average and vice versa.


Technique exercises

Lifting barbell biceps standing is produced from the starting position and grip the feet shoulder width apart, with your knees slightly bent. Barbell lifting program is carried out on the exhale, lower – on inspiration.

Palms while facing forward, elbows – around the body, the abdominal muscles are tense. Lifting is done only by the traction of the biceps and forearms movement until rod will not be at the shoulders, and biceps are not completely reduced.

After a 1-2 second delay in finite amplitude point bar is lowered (which is omitted, and is not evident) in the starting position barbell lifting weights.


Lifting barbell biceps performed sitting on the bench by Scott. It is very effective for the development of strength, as completely and uses the muscles and tendons, and experienced athletes like it because it clearly felt pressure working muscles.

Recommended enough experienced athletes who have mastered the technique of the classical rise and able to lift weights for this exercise barbell weight lifting, equivalent to half of its own.

Different types of grip solve certain tasks, so we can not say that the rise of reverse grip is more effective than direct.

It is important to choose the width of the grip: to develop the external head is better to go with a standard grip on the narrow and short – on the wide grip. Periodically changing the grip, you can improve the quality characteristics of the biceps muscle curved barbell weight lifting.

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