Lifting dumbbells for biceps: technique and species

Lifting dumbbells for biceps

Lifting dumbbells for biceps is considered to be the basic exercises for the development of the biceps and shoulder beam – forearm, no wonder it is so popular in gyms and at home, both men and women.

Performing alternate or alternate lifting dumbbells for biceps , you can not only increase the weight and strength of the muscles, but also to achieve the total volume of the hands.

Another advantage is the possibility of an isolated study of the biceps, as well as a large variation exercises.


Loose weight, how is a dumbbell – a more efficient option for the development of muscle groups as compared with the isolated work on the simulator, because the indirectly affects the muscles of the forearm.

The most common one is lifting dumbbells biceps standing. Although exercise, at first glance, a simple, but there are some nuances how to start lifting dumbbells.

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Machinery and embodiments

In the starting position, standing up straight, arms slightly bent, palms take directed inward on a dumbbell in each hand grip hammer (lifting dumbbells for biceps hammer) or a reverse grip. The elbows should be at the same time close to the body, press tense.

Lifting up the projectile is produced by muscle contraction on the exhale, with its slightly crank clockwise. When it reaches the top point – the shoulders, made supination – easy rotation of the brush.

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This position is held on a 1-2 count, and then exhale slowly to the dumbbell is lowered down.


Embodiments of such exercises a great number: lifting dumbbells biceps sitting and lying alternately and simultaneously, an inclined bench and a bench Scott (as an option – latching of one hand), in a sitting stretched position on the bench at an angle up or supine on a bench under angle down, concentrated dumbbells lifting for biceps.

In short, a lot of variants, and the optimal bench press narrow grip strategy for training the biceps is to use different angles and types of projectile position.

Research results have shown that when a bench with an inclined angle of 45 ° upward load will be better due to the higher electrical activity than standing.


Recommendations for the exercises with dumbbells

To make them as effective as possible, it is necessary to adhere exactly to implement the instructions.

  • Until the dumbbells are in hand, in the biceps muscle of the arm must remain voltage, so you can not straighten the arm completely.
  • Dumbbells can not throw up or down, tilted toward the hands performing the exercise, and use the inertia.
  • We must not forget the hand supination at the top point of the trajectory.
  • It is recommended to do 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • After each approach need to stretch the biceps.

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