Link rod standing in the inclination to the belt (stomach)

Thrust rod in the slope

Thrust rod in the slope (standing in the inclination to the belt ) to a belt – basic exercise for the development of the back muscles . It aims at developing these departments back as the shoulder, the elbow and scapular, ie involving all the muscles of the upper back:.. From trapezoidal to the broadest.

In today’s article, we will discuss the technique of performing the thrust rod to the belt in the slope, as well as various options for grips and give hand bussing with dumbbells some useful tips.


What is the rod thrust to the stomach in the slope

Just the very exercise is to bring the shoulder blades. In this case, the legs and trunk should not move.

The advantages of this activity are numerous:

1. The growth and development of muscles

2. Good posture

3. Improve flexibility

4. Increased Stamina

5. Burning calories

So, how do the right thrust in the slope of the neck?

Digression: you do not know how to pump up your back? Deadlifts with a barbell – the best basic exercise to train the muscles of the back.

Technique of the thrust rod in the slope

1. Stand erect, feet shoulder width apart

2. In the hands you must have a shell – bar or other weighting

3. The grip is a little wider than shoulder width

4. Bend your knees and lean forward, back straight, however, remains


5. Optimally, if it is almost parallel to the floor, and his hands are perpendicular to it

6. A look should be directed forward, and not on the shell or on the floor

7. On the exhale lift projectile abdomen

8. Please note that it is to the stomach, not the chest

9. Elbows come off, work should only forearm

10. Hold for a few seconds and lower your arms while inhaling


Tips for completing the thrust rod in the slope

Follow these rules for the proper performance of traction:

1. Do not try to be faster, higher, stronger than all; it is not necessary at the outset to take a lot of weight, you run the risk to injure the muscles; better to increase it gradually

2. The body must be stationary

3. The back should be parallel to the floor

4. Take your time and do not make sudden movements; and lifting and lowering of the arms should be smooth, without jerks

5. Control the height of the lift rod: come off it too high, but do not stop too low

6. A look should always be directed forward, it helps keep your back straight.


Common Errors in the exercise

Let’s look at the mistakes that allow beginners and sometimes experienced bodybuilders.

1. round back

2. torso movement

3. Bending hands

4. Raising the rod hand only, not back muscles

Embodiments and grips

There are several options in addition to performing classical thrust straight grip: reverse, narrow, medium, wide and thrust rod to the chest. We consider each of them.

Straight grip – the classic version. It is used everywhere and trains muscle groups listed above.

Back. Use a few simple reason: it’s uncomfortable and unfamiliar. But thanks to reverse grip back muscles grow faster and better worked out the lower part of the latissimus muscles (wings of the back).

embodiments and grips

Most good option – it is when these two types of execution used. Then the maximum number of trains muscles .

Wide, narrow or medium helps to regulate the leveling point of your back. The wider the grip, the greater the load on the upper back.

In conclusion, I want to say that this exercise is suitable for both men, aimed at the development of muscles and ladies who want to get in shape and keep your body in good shape. And, to better learn the material, you can see a video where told in detail how to perform the traction to the belt.



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