Milk diet for weight loss minus 5 kg for 5-7 days

Milk diet for weight loss

Today there are so many different diets to lose weight, what to choose any one is extremely difficult.

After all, it should in fact be not only effective, but still desirable and easy, requiring no extra costs on the part of your finances, and by force of will. It is about the kind of diet we tell today milk diet for weight loss.

milk diet for weight loss

Pros and cons of milk diet for weight loss

Everyone begins his acquaintance with food with milk. For dairy products we are used to, so do not even think how they varied. Milk, cheese, sour cream, kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk, butter, cheese, cream, yogurt …

You can enumerate a long time. It is because of this diversity milk diet in order to lose weight easily tolerated than others.

The beneficial properties of milk we repeat from childhood. With milk penetrate into our body such amino acids which do not receive on another.

Also, milk contains some fat- and japanese diet for weight loss water-soluble vitamins and, of course, calcium. The diet for dairy products is a kind of vegetable diets.

Nutritionists believe digestion improves when milk diet. This assertion is based on the fact that unlike other diets in which our body lacks many important vitamins and micronutrients, milk conversely increases their concentration in the blood and in the whole organism.

milk diet

What is the essence of the diet on milk products

So, telling you about all the advantages of diet, go to itself. It should be noted that the milk diet is divided into two types – mono and gentle. In this article you will learn the essence of the one and the other.

First, let’s talk about the most difficult, but also more milk diet plan for weight loss. Dairy mono-diet is usually calculated for 5-7 days. Longer can not sit on it, t. To. It is very hard for the body. Thus only allowed a milk diet.

No dairy products. Drink it can be from 8 am to 8 pm. In keeping with the indicative schedule set forth below, you will be able to achieve the maximum effect.

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Instructions to achieve the desired result

1. For the first day of the milk-vegetable diet is allowed to drink one glass approximately every 2 hours. How many methods of weight loss in the first day of this method is the toughest milk and banana diet plan for weight loss.

2. In the following days should reduce the time between doses of milk as long as you reach 30 minutes. Thus, on the second day you should drink a glass every hour and a half, in the third – every hour, and in the days allowed to drink milk every half hour.

3. Logging out of a tough diet to gently and gradually. In the first days after the diet is still drinking milk, but increase the intervals between its use. You can also type in the diet vegetables, fruits. Gradually, you can switch to cereals and meat. The course lasts for 5 days.

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Now comes the easy version of the dairy diet. It is specially designed for those who can not bear the mono-diet, or simply does not like milk. In this version it replaced virtually all dairy products.

diet on milk products

Your menu for the day is as follows: in the morning a cup of yogurt, yogurt or tea with milk diet for weight loss (tea, of course, without sugar); a couple of hours, you can eat some cottage cheese; lunch permitted cottage cheese casserole or a light salad with sour cream or yogurt; for dinner, too, can drink tea with milk, kefir, yogurt or fermented baked milk.

This technique is transferred much easier thanks to the alternation of products. But leave it is also cautious.

If you find it difficult, even with sparing diet, it can be added to the fruit diet. But they are in any case should not be sour! No lemons, oranges, kiwi fruit and the like. Sweet apples, pears, peaches, plums – this is what you are allowed.

At the end of the article should be added that this technique is not suitable for those who are lactose intolerant, as well as people suffering from ulcer, gastritis and other similar diseases.

Well, that’s all that’s worth knowing about this simple method of weight loss is diet for dairy products. Thanks to her, this week dropped from 3 to 7 kg. Below, you can see the results of people who used the milk diet for weight loss.

Menu milk diet every day


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