Music: motivation for training (listen online)


Today’s music collection is dedicated to motivation. After all, training motivation music and achieve 100% result. Selection consists of 23 tracks from the world’s best hip-hop artists. Listen to music to motivate online free and enjoy heart rate zone training your workouts!

How to listen training motivation music to feel the effect, the “medicine” must be listened to consciously, and not as a background, quietly. Avoid such music that causes certain associations with events or people from your life and contains words in a language you know. If you keep with you a set of properly selected and favorite melodies, you can easily maintain a good mood and recharge yourself with determination and energy. Put something fiery on your wake-up call, turn on relaxing music, returning from work, and listen … for a change inside you.


1.Eminem-Lose Yourself
2.Snoop Doggy Dogg & Xzibit — Bitch Please
3.Lord Vital — Beastmode
4.Fort Minor — Remember the name
5.Linkin Park — In the end
6.DMX — Party Up
7.Roy Jones Jr- Go Hard Or Go Home
8.50 Cent — Ready for War
9.Eminem ft. 50 Cent, Cashis, Lloyd Banks — You Don`t Know
10.Kprimbeatz — Ride for my city
11.Xzibit — X
12.Dr Dre Feat Eminem & Xzibit — Whats The Difference
13.Tupac Feat. Xzibit — Fight Music
14.50 Cent- Get Up
15.Eminem Go To Sleep (UNCENSORED)
16.Roy Jones — Can’t be touched
17.Deyon Davis — Knocked Out
18.DMX — Where da hood at
19.Eminem — `Till I Collapse
20.2Pac — Hit’Em Up
21.50 Cent — In da club
22.Linkin Park — Faint
23.Eminem — Run Rabbit Run


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