Push-ups for girls: the rules, the use of the program, beginner mistakes

Push-ups for girls

Now none of the training program, whether for men or for women, not without push-ups . It is almost a universal exercise that works out the major muscle groups. Many women mistakenly believe that they do push-ups do not need. But it is not so.

Push ups for girls, or even from the bench or on the knees well trained endurance, strength and chest muscles . Therefore, in today’s article, we will discuss push-ups for girls from the floor, for both beginners and for those who have long trains. We tell you about the various embodiments, as well as a table scheme and training program.


What is the benefit for the girls from push ups for girls

1. pumped breasts need not only men, but women and fragile. Strong trained muscles will support your breasts, and will not let it droop over time.

In addition, from push-ups chest muscles slightly increase it visually make your chest a little bit more.

2. Also, push-ups contribute to the training of the press. Yes, you read that right! If twisting of the trunk and lifts do not give you visible results, try push-ups. In addition, push-ups, and even train the muscles of the arms and shoulders.

3. In this simple exercise burns a lot of calories, which is comparable only to that of intense jogging or jumping rope. But even these exercises did not train as many muscles departments. Therefore, analog push-ups in the home you will not find. Why are push ups harder for girls

Major errors or how to do push-ups girls

Now we go through the main mistakes beginners push ups for girls. If you decide to do push-ups at home, then you need to read the following information on how to properly do push-ups, t. To. The error in the push-ups for all women are different, and next to you workout in the gym there is no coach who would say what is wrong and how to fix it.

The first mistake – it is sagging or vice versa scoring pelvis. You have to be extended in a straight line, thighs and buttocks should be tightened and be not lower and not higher than the back.


The best exercises for the chest muscles

Dumbbell bench press lying Exercise PulloverBench press narrow grip

wiring dumbbells
Exercise Pullover
Bench press
Dumbbell bench press lying


The second common mistake – widely spaced elbows. At first it will be difficult to keep them as close as possible to the body, but you have to train yourself and your muscles to do so. Otherwise you risk damaging the muscles, stretch them and get injured.

Another mistake – this is not a bug, but rather misleading. Push-ups with knees may well replace the simple full pushups. This is not true!

Bench with the knee may be present in the program of your training only temporarily and only if you do not get push-ups in the classical way.

The faster you can do the exercise correctly, so get visible results faster.

That’s all the basic mistakes made by beginners when performing exercises. Below you will find a table, which shows the push scheme, as well as the training program. The program is designed for 3 workouts per week and provides smooth load capacity.

Table and training program for girls

1 day
Rest 60 seconds between each SET (longer if required)
approach 1 from 5 to 10 Dip
approach 2 from 7 to 14 Dip
approach 3 9 to 18 Dip
approach 4 8 to 15 Dip
Suitable 5 from 5 to 10 Dip
day 2
Rest 60 seconds between each SET (longer if required)
approach 1 from 6 to 12 Dip
approach 2 8 to 16 Dip
approach 3 from 10 to 20 Dip
approach 4 9 to 18 Dip
Suitable 5 from 6 to 12 Dip
day 3
Rest 60 seconds between each SET (longer if required)
approach 1 from 5 to 12 Dip
approach 2 8 to 16 Dip
approach 3 9 to 18 Dip
approach 4 8 to 16 Dip
Suitable 5 from 5 to 12 Dip


Breathing should also be right, not just as easily. Inhale need by bending elbows, lowering the body, and exhale – in extension and rise.

It should also be mentioned that during this exercise, a large load is applied to the hands, so they must be thoroughly warm up before each class.

It is worth remembering that it is not necessary to force yourself to engage through force. Of course, you should experience a physical activity, but not limiting.

Monitor your condition and feelings. If you feel that you can no longer perform another approach, it is better to rest a few minutes, and then continue.



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