Secrets on how to properly inflate the chest muscles

inflate the chest muscles

We continue to parse the different muscle groups. In the last article we talked about training on the weight of the shoulders , but today we will focus on how to properly inflate the chest muscles. With them, everything is quite simple, if you understand what exercises should be done on this group of muscles to the maximum to practice this or that region.

Conditionally divide the pecs into four regions: the upper, lower, inner and outer. And now let’s go through the exercises that will help you properly inflated chest muscles.

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In order to purposefully affect different parts of the breast can perform an ordinary mode of the bar on the horizontal bar, but use different options for placement of the hands:

1. The wider put your hands, the more increases the load on the outer area of the chest (the one closer to the armpits)

2. If you are a narrow grip bench press, in the longer involved inside of the chest.

Downloading pectoral muscles dumbbells

It is clear that the greatest leverage in this exercise from the point of biomechanics, is the lowest point, when stretched pectoral muscles. It is this exercise like no other better will pump outside the chest area.

Conclusion: The people who focus on the bench press and wide grip makes constant dilution of dumbbells, achieve well-developed outer part of the breast. How to build a so-training in order to properly pump inside the chest?

The reduction of the hands in a block

In this case, the burden falls on the chest muscles in a different way. At the point of the breast department internal information stored in the maximum voltage. Now on to the upper and lower parts. It all depends on the load angle. That is, if you just press a on the horizontal bar, then work through the lower and middle chest department.

When you are changing the angle of 40-45 degrees, the upper thoracic muscles involved in the work. However, in this case the lion’s share of the load is taken over the deltoid muscle. To avoid this, try to press the blade to the bench, and do not show your shoulders forward.

chest muscles


So, summing up, and the final answer to the question : how to pump up the pectoral muscles, we recommend you to do basic exercises such as bench press, but it’s not only give you a beautiful pectoral muscles. GROW meat, so that the muscles were drawn, add isolated exercise, but do not just base. And for those who are too lazy to read or not is not clear, we suggest you review the video on this topic.

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