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The hardest thing in the daily training – to decide when it is necessary to make changes in the workout program for weight . There are always two voices in his head, one of them tells you that you need to stick to the old program, the other tempting offers to modify and diversify training to shock your body workout program for weight.

Of course, if you listen to one of them workout program for weight loss, shoulder to Ground training can lead to disappointing results, but to ignore them is not worth it.

Digression: you do not know how to choose an exercise for training shoulder, distributing dumbbells in hand – the best way to train the deltoids!

This problem is very urgent for smaller muscle groups that inflate the chest muscles quickly adapt to the load, such as the shoulders, biceps and others. In this article we will talk about the deltoid muscle and shoulder training program on the ground.

The best exercises we shtsy shoulders
Army benchBreeding in handDumbbell bench pressThrust rod to the chin

The rise is crucial for
Dumbbell bench press
Breeding in hand
Army bench
Thrust rod to the chin

Allow us to introduce you how you can organize a training program for the shoulders, which certainly makes a change and lead to an increase in muscle mass.
Training on the weight of the shoulders will be built based on the fact that you attach to a specific day by training one muscle group. Therefore, we offer you the following weight loss workout program for men.

1. Bench rod sitting. 4 sets of 8 reps.

2. Press of dumbbells sitting. Use the ladder method: choose 4 pairs of dumbbells with different weights from largest to smallest. First, do 10 repetitions with a maximum weight, and then descending. So we carry out 4 sets. As a result, the amount you should have 160 repetitions.

This shoulder exercise method is good that after Seated Press, which is a basic exercise and a well-coached shoulders to ground, you will achieve them and download the blood.

3. Raise the dumbbells in front of you. Perform as necessary on the basis of the stairs. Take the 4 pairs of dumbbells with different weights and perform 4 sets of 10 times each with a pair of dumbbells.

4. Wiring dumbbells in hand. Perform 4 sets of 12 times. In this exercise, important not to overdo it with the selected weight, t. To. A wrong weight of the projectile, you can damage the shoulder joint weight loss workout program for beginners.
Between the holiday approaches should be 2-3 minutes. This training is completed shoulders to ground. If you need to diversify your workout, you can safely use this scheme.

And remember, always experiment with their training, because if you do not try, then do not get a result. And finally, I suggest you watch the video of the workout on the weight of the shoulders.

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