Side bends with dumbbells standing

Side bends with dumbbells

Exercise side bends with dumbbells more accurately be called side bends with a dumbbell in your hand, because it is not in this case doubles and a single shell.

How to do side bends? For the development of hand muscles are actually used two dumbbells, but when performing these exercises the body is in a vertical position, and are operational at all other muscle groups.

Exercise slopes with a dumbbell in standing side is insulating and acts mainly on the obliques, both of the layer and the outer and the inner.

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When the dumbbell is in his left hand, and bending is done right, the right are utilized external and internal obliques, when the dumbbell in your right hand, respectively, on the contrary. In addition, connected also some small muscles located around and between the bones of the spine.

Thus,muscular ensemble includes, in addition to the oblique abdominal muscles psoas, square muscle and the ilio-costal muscles lumbar and thoracic iliac rib. When the slopes are utilized as levator scapula, upper / middle trapezoids and medium / small gluteal.

Digression: you do not know how to choose an exercise workout for the legs, squats with dumbbells plié – the best exercise for the inner thigh workout.

Benefit from the slopes with dumbbells is that strengthens the obliques, improved posture, reduced body fat hips and lumbar region. However, if you overdo it with these exercises, the muscles will be overinflated “squeeze” out the fat deposits eddie hall world record deadlift, and the sides may become even wider.

Thus, side bends with dumbbells for girls at all can not be the only guarantee of a slim figure. They, of course, to some extent, part of the fat is removed from the sides (although very small!), But to get a thin waist only through this exercise will fail.

Experience shows that the slopes with dumbbells to the sides of the waist should be combined with the adjustment of the power, that is determined by diet; wonderful effect is given as HIIT training (high intensity interval training), where alternate cardio muscles of the arm and strength exercises. This training is not only faster metabolic exchange, but also runs the processes of fat burning.

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performance technique

Starting position – feet shoulder width apart, posture straight, eyes forward, press statically tense. Dumbbell is taken in one hand (grip palm facing the torso), the other hand is fixed on the housing.

Inhale and with your back straight bend the torso to the side, where there is a dumbbell, hold at the low point a couple of seconds, and then exhale to return to its original position. Put a dumbbell in the other hand and repeat the exercise.

This is the easiest, so to speak, the basic version, all the same, there are still a number of others:. Side bends with dumbbells on your shoulders, sitting on a bench in the lower block crossover etc. dumbbell sometimes replace the barbell or weights shawn ray hawaiian classic, but the training principle of not It is changing benefits of side bends.


Despite its apparent simplicity, in carrying out this exercise, many mistakes, which reduces its effectiveness, so some recommendations do not prevent:

    • dumbbell should be for the entire trajectory as close as possible to the body;
    • housing must not deviate forward or backward;
    • the pace should be moderate;
    • It is not recommended to use too heavy weights in order to avoid compression of the spine side, which may cause a herniated disk;
    • slopes with weights is recommended to do 1-2 times a week (3 sets, 15-20 reps) for 2-2.5 months.


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