Squat with a barbell on your shoulders for girls

Squat with a barbell

Surely any girl thought arises sooner or later that her body is not sufficiently inflated, relief or simply beautiful. How to squat with a barbell? General dissatisfaction with the majority focusing on the area of the thighs and buttocks. In fact almost all the coaches of the world claim that this part of the body in women is the most problematic and requires constant attention.

At present, about 40% of women admit that unhappy with your backside or feet. In this article, we’ll show you how to bring in the shape of girl hand pump at home the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, as well as how to do a proper squat with barbell in tone.

squat with a barbell

What are the benefits of squat with a barbell

Squats for girls is one of the most important exercises that strengthen the entire body. In normal squat with a barbell on your shoulders how to do a front squat with barbell, or other worsening work following muscle groups: glutes, thighs and leg muscles, the abdominal muscles and back . It turns out that it is useful not only for priests and thighs, but also for the press and posture.

If your goal is to tighten the muscles, to shape your buttocks and legs, and do not inflate them, it is important not to overdo it with the weight. Weight squats for all the girls who are just beginning to engage in should begin with 15-20 kg, gradually increasing to 30-35 kg. No longer worth taking if you do not want to become a bodybuilder.

With proper technique squats you can achieve outstanding results. It is only necessary to do the exercises without major mistakes made by beginners. To avoid this watch a special video for the girls on the technique of performing squat with a barbell.

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Major errors in the technique of the exercise

1. Many young people do squat one of the major mistakes – tear off heels from the floor. This is done in any case impossible. At the heels apart and squatting on your toes, you just do not stretch out properly thigh muscles, respectively, they will not receive any load, and you will not achieve the desired result.

2. The second least common mistake – this is a slouch. Most beginners rounded back when prisyadut. The weight that you have loaded themselves distributed incorrectly, which can lead to injury. Yes, and back muscles so you do not zadeystvuete.

3. The third mistake – mixing knees together. If many people want to keep the squat knees, t. To. With this provision will be easier to climb. It is not right. It is important not to ease, but the result.
Another mistake is to look at lowering the legs. Do not worry, they will not get anywhere, look straight ahead or slightly up. Looking down at his feet is easier to lose your balance.

benefits of squatting

4. And the last error – output knees behind toes. Again, make this mistake novice. The blame for this weight with which they crouch. In order not to lose balance the body leans more than we need. Therefore you should take care that the knees were evenly over toes, otherwise you risk when lifting mislaid forward.

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So summarize. Here are the main points to consider when squats every girl:

1. The back should be straight;

2. The heels should not lift off the floor;

3. A look should be directed upwards;

4. Your knees should be above the toes;

5. knees do not have to be brought together.

I should add that when you need to descend down to inhale and exhale when lifting. Keep breathing, do not hold it, otherwise the risk of fainting.


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