The daily norm of calories: view daily rate for men and women

Daily norm of calories

In this article we will tell you what should be the daily norm of calories for men and women, and how to calculate the daily rate online.

Of course, the result will be rough, because for the exact answer to this question must take into account the specific characteristics of each organism. You will also be useful to know how the calculated calorie foods .

SBI (the value of basal metabolism) – it is a basic level of metabolism in the human body, which is used to calculate the daily calories for weight loss.

It is essential to maintain vital functions, the proper functioning of the internal organs, respiration, heart rate, recovery and protein diet growth of the cells in the body, which is in a state of hunger, in conditions of complete peace of mind, physical and mental comfort.

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daily norm of calories

Calculation of daily requirement (Phase 1)

SBI may comprise about 50-70% of the total metabolism.

Basal metabolism can be calculated in two ways:

Harris Benedict Formula for women and men:


The need for a day for a woman:

SBI = 665.09 + (9.56 * M) + (1,85 * W) – (4,67 * L)

The need for a day for a man:

SBI = 66.47 + (13.75 * M) + (5,0 * W) – (6,75 * L)


M – average body weight in kilograms

The W – the height in centimeters

Of L – age in years

Use the online form to calculate the calorie norms for activity types

The formula for calculating the muffin dzheora basal metabolism

Cutochnaya rate the need for women:

SBI (kcal / day) = 10 x weight (kg) 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age (years) – 161

Cutochnaya need for men:

SBI (kcal / day) = 10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x Height (cm) – 5 x age (years) + 5

If you calculated the SBI, it is possible to start the calculations of general metabolism (GLD).


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Swimming in the pool
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How to calculate the daily norm of calories for weight loss (Phase 2)

GLD (general metabolism) – the sum of all energy consumption, which increases physical activity. In other words, the amount of energy that you have to take in order to keep your weight stable.

GLD can be calculated as follows:


The PM (activity rate) – this is the energy required to perform daily activities such as work.

The activity coefficient is determined on the basis of your daily activities:

Low activity – 1.4 – 1.69

Average activity – 1.7 – 1.99

High activity – 2.0 – 2.40

Thus, we can roughly determine your daily caloric needs for persons over 18 years.

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