The Japanese diet for weight loss

Japanese diet for weight loss

Today, we will move to the east. And to be precise, to Japan. In this country rarely happen to come across a fat person. Although it would seem, this country on any characteristics not inferior to Western countries.

The main reason for the Japanese diet for weight loss smartness – it is their diet. And the question now is not about any diets limits himself to something or lack of certain products. Not at all! In fact, everything is very simple.

japanese diet for weight loss

What is the real Japanese diet

The fact that conventional Japanese meal are low-calorie food, such as fish, vegetables, rice.

Contrary to popular belief, the Japanese almost do not use salt (often referred to as the power of the Japanese diet Japanese diet becsolevoy), it is replaced with a variety of sauces. Moreover, in Japanese cuisine virtually no bakery products.

Japanese people also drink a little coffee, and do not use sugar. Of course, we can not say that this is all they do not eat at all, but the use of these products in the east minimized.


The scheme of the Japanese diet for weight loss

So, we move on to the method of weight loss. It lasts about 14 days and the result is an average of 7-8 kg. Perhaps these figures will seem sufficient, but the whole point of the Japanese diet is that if it you will not only reset the weight, but also to put in order your metabolism, your digestion and your body even after the diet continues to work correctly and you continue to lose weight.

japanese diet

Therefore, it is considered one of the most effective. Such as it did and prolonged effect.

If you use the Japanese diet in order to lose weight, the result will remain for 2-3 years, t. E. The weight will continue to gradually decline. And if you in the future will continue to adhere to proper diet, then you get to the desired parameters without much effort.

But all this will become a reality only if you strictly follow the rules and follow the menu. Otherwise, no special benefit is not it.

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Foods that should be included in the diet during the traditional japanese diet for weight loss

It should be noted that even though it is called the Japanese and was designed by Japanese nutritionists, it has almost nothing in common with traditional Japanese cuisine.

In the main menu of the Japanese diet for weight loss include seafood, rice, legumes, fruits and vegetables. As well as green tea.

When cooking, it is worth remembering that the Japanese prefer fresh products not subjected to thermal treatment.

Thus, in the dishes it retained much more nutrients japanese diet plan for weight loss. Naturally, there is no one makes the meat or fish in its raw form you, but vegetables, fruits and the like – the only way.

japanese diet for 14 days

How to get out of the Japanese diet

Out of the Japanese diet should be exactly the same as that of any other. By the end of 14 days your stomach will shrink and you will have less.

The main thing is not to juice diet slimming stretch it again. Therefore, we recommend that you stick to a healthy diet and not overeat.

Do not forget before you start make sure that you do not have contraindications. Consult a physician. And lose weight for health! Also under the menu you will find photos lost weight results.

menu option on the Japanese diet for 14 days

We have compiled for you a menu option on the Japanese diet for 14 days. On the Internet you will find many more different variations on this theme.

Important: remember that you can not mix these options, ie, if you started a diet with our menu, then the next day you can not move on to other options…

We’ll have to check out where to begin. Therefore, carefully examine all the options and choose suitable for yourself. It is said that the big differences in them will not.

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Menu Japanese diet for 14 days


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