The use of water for the human body

use of water for the human body

Everyone has long known that the water in a day is very beneficial to the human body, as well as losing weight. Doctors are advised to drink plenty of water daily (at least 1.5-2 liters). Regardless of whether a person aims to lose weight or simply monitors the health.

Water – an important source of vitality. It carries tremendous benefits for the human body. Water is involved in metabolism, it is included in each cell of an organism, toxins and other harmful microorganisms.

90% of the water comprised our muscles and our brain. Overestimate the use of water for our body is impossible.

Use of water for the human body


It would seem that all water must be very clear: the drink, the more, the better. But this is not so simple. Many who choose to keep track of how much he drinks water, there may be questions such as: why do you need to drink plenty of water you need to drink water, whether it is possible to wash down the food with water, whether or not to drink water during workouts, what water to drink better Total.

The benefits of water for the human body, we will cover in this article, and try to answer the above questions.

How many people have to drink water in a day?

Answering the question of how many people should drink water a day, as well as why you need to drink plenty of water, give a common and very simple formula. The norm is considered 30-40 ml per kilogram of body weight.

So, if you weigh 60 kg, your daily dose of water – 2.4 liters. Doctors are advised not to include in the calculation any liquid other than water. For example, soup, juice and juicy fruit is not taken into account.

But this is a normal day. If the summer in the street, you should increase the daily norm to 140-200 ml. If you do sports – on 230-300 ml.

use of water

So, we have responded to the question of how many people have to drink water a day and move on to the next.

When you need to drink water

To water brought benefits to the body, many nutritionists recommend drinking one glass 30 minutes before meals. This helps to speed up metabolism and allows you to not overeat.

Also, many doctors recommend drinking a glass of water in the morning, immediately after waking up. This is a “wake up” your stomach. This is especially useful for those who are not accustomed to breakfast, after breakfast – the most important meal of the day.

As for the “zapivaniya” water food. Contrary to popular belief it is not contraindicated. You can safely drink water during meals and after.

use of water for the human

The main rule that must be observed – the water should not be cold, but the room temperature.

Also, water will allow to satisfy a sense of false hunger and improve the recovery of your body’s proteins . But it does not replace a meal. Water in a day – only a temporary measure. It will not help you do not have all day. Even if you drink the water, and yet you no longer want to eat, do not flatter yourself. Hunger comes back, it will increase more.

So do not forget for a day about food. Now we know when to drink water, go to the next question.

Can I drink water during and after exercise

Many people believe that drinking can not be categorically during sports. Argument is that the training we just did, and we derive the excess water. This is not so! The purpose of training is to burn fat tissue and increasing muscle mass.

Water is excreted from the body through sweat, but from its loss, of course, reduced weight. But fat is not going anywhere! If you think that losing a how to prepare for a diet certain amount of fluid you lost weight, it is not. You will gain the kilos immediately after training with the new liquid entering into your body.

Exercise to lose weight at home

So, if you do not want to further slow down your metabolism, it is still recommended to drink water every 10-20 minutes during exercise.

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During the sports we sweat, t. E. Of body fluid takes. To restore the balance, you need to drink. Indeed, during training is not necessary to be drunk with water to overflowing, but a few sips much facilitate your activities and will bear fruit.

You will simply replenish lost fluids. Now you know about another useful property of water for the human body.

What kind of water in a day should be drunk?

To always use perfect simple drinking water. Without the gas, no dye, no sweetener. Of course, it should be filtered. This is the budget and, in our opinion, the best option.

An alternative would be bottled water, which is now sold in various tarakh from 0.5 to 20 liters. It can be of mineral, carbonated, from mountain springs. However, during exercise of carbonated water should be abandoned.

The gas bubbles will create a feeling of fullness in the stomach, which will reduce water consumption and worsen the quality of training.


But to lose weight, you can choose the water with a little lemon juice. It quenches thirst in summer day.

So, in this article we covered the basic questions about the use of water for the human body, usually arising from beginners to drink water people. We hope that the information was useful to you.

In conclusion, I want to add that the use of large amounts of water will not only help to maintain your inner feeling is normal. Also, if the drinking water rate, improve the complexion, the condition of hair and nails, the skin begins to shine.
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