Why do I need protein body?

protein body

The protein is the basic building material of the protein body. Protein is necessary for everyone. However, there are several factors that influence the amount thereof.

Among other age, sex, height and weight, the rate of metabolism, hormone levels, diet and the proportion of other nutrients in the daily consumption of food, as well as the duration of load and rest during the day and much, much more.

Of course, we are more interested in the latter factor – sports, especially those species that require the use of excessive force, such as light and heavy lifting. Of course, all this must be considered in the context of the intensity and type of exercise performed.

In this article, we will try the most detailed answer to the question how does protein help the body.

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protein to athletes


Why do I need protein to athletes?

First of all, during intense physical exercise, in which the muscles are heavily loaded, there is a rapid decomposition of the structure of many proteins that are contained in the muscles.

To a lesser extent this occurs even with minimal exertion or in its absence. It should be understood that the protein contained in our body, is used even for the ordinary functions of the body (when we walk, watch TV or even sleep).

Calculation of daily protein standards

Moreover, almost a third of the proteins that are broken up, we lose forever. Accordingly, there is a certain amount of protein that is needed to meet the basic needs of the body, excluding the exercise. In the case of people who have an active lifestyle, the need for protein, respectively, more.

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In both cases, this need can be evaluated and represented as a number of specific values, the ratio of the number of grams of body fortress whey protein, which on average necessary to use per day per kilogram of body weight, for example 2 grams per kilogram of body weight (example for those engaged in intensive workloads ).

Calculate the daily protein needs

Why do I need protein from a biological point of view?

Protein supplements are designed to provide your body the necessary amino acids. Protein supplements are a real lifesaver for athletes, since the amount of protein contained in them is constant and standardized, which makes it easy to measure out the required amount of protein per day. Of course, any supplements can not replace a balanced diet.

For some recommendations, you should not take more than 35 grams of protein at one time, because the body can not absorb it. Thus, the greater the amount of protein is divided into several lots.

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In addition, the opposite effect, so if you do not exercise, build chest at home but regularly consume a lot of protein, it can lead to oxidation of the cells, and this in turn affects the kidneys and other organs too much protein intake.

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We hope you get a detailed answer to the question “Why do I need protein.”
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